Mr Ashwin’s Ironman Triathlon Adventure, July 2015

On 19 July, in classic British-summer weather (cold, wind and rain!) I embarked on the toughest challenge of my life, the Ironman UK triathlon in Bolton. I had trained as best I could, but nothing could prepare me for the day itself, the highs, the (occasional) lows, and the incredible atmosphere along the course.

0955_015655Mrs Ashwin and I arrived two days in advance, and there was a lot of planning to be done – putting the correct equipment in the correct place, preparing my bike/nutrition/race numbers etc, attending race briefings and visualising how it would go on the day.

The two-lap swim (2.4 miles) began at 6am, and was very tough. The water was rough and there were nearly 2000 of us swimming through the choppy lake. I was pleased with how I paced it, but unfortunately got a nasty bout of cramp on my right calf muscle, which I could feel for the rest of the day. I was out of the water in 1 hour 38 minutes.

0955_030194After a muddy, frantic 9-minute transition, I started the bike ride. At mile 10 of 112, I heard the noise every cyclist dreads – pop and hiss! I had a back-tyre puncture – my first EVER on that bike!! As my tyres are glued to the wheel, you can’t change them in the normal way, so I had to pump a canister of tyre sealant into the tyre, then pump it up with my hand pump and hope for the best. Luckily, the tyre did hold enough air to get around the course, but it was much flatter than it should have been, and for the last 30 miles I could feel the rim of the wheel against the road! But I carried on, and got around the bike course in 7 hours 9 minutes.

Another 9-minute transition and it was on to the marathon – mile 1 was up a steep hill, and then it was a 4-lap course of Bolton, including a notorious hill out of the city each time. Again, I was pleased with how I paced it, and I was determined to try and enjoy myself and soak up the atmosphere. There were thousands of people cheering and supporting us all, and this helped me a lot when my whole body was asking me politely to stop. I kept my running cadence going and managed to finish the marathon without walking, in 4 hours 15 minutes (440th fastest).

Crossing the finish line was one of the greatest experiences of my life – the clock stopped at 13 hours 23 minutes, and I came 735th out of 1900 competitors.
I had amazing support all day – a dozen family members came up to Lancashire to support me – and I could NOT have done it without Mrs Ashwin and her support and patience over the last year! And thanks to Rosie and Ellie for waving their flags and cheering me over the line!

Thank you all for your messages of support and for your generous donations towards the Meningitis Research Foundation – as it stands, you have helped raise nearly £2800, which I’m thrilled with.

Mr Ashwin

Thank you Stoneygate School

Following my visit to Lyon, France, to the World Masters Athletics Championships I must write and say a huge thank  you to so many of you!

Your good wishes, cards, telephone calls and messages sent to me were so appreciated and I took some of the good luck trinkets to Lyon, tucked away between athletics kit. I’m sure they all helped!

Luck certainly went my way during my two weeks of competition and I was very pleased to achieve results which were far beyond those I had dreamed of. It was tough! – Heats, finals, a 40 degree heat wave, diabetes ups and downs! Nerves in the athletics arenas were taken to a height that I didn’t even know existed – gosh, imagine getting to my age and still discovering that you could be more frightened than ever before! But, you either take the opportunity or you don’t! I decided to take it!

So, remember when the going gets really tough …. If I can do it, so can the amazing children at Stoneygate School! Not just in sport but in any situation……

I had a wonderful and exciting time and I felt very proud to represent Great Britain on the World stage. GB were 3rd on the medals table, out of 96 countries. The athletics was inspiring and the comradeship and emotion of 8000 like-minded fit people was a privilege to be part of.  Lyon was a beautiful and cultural place.

These are my results:-

Bronze medal – 80m Hurdles

Bronze medal – Heptathlon

Bronze medal – 4 x 400m relay

Silver medal – 300m Hurdles

Gold medal – 4 x 100m relay

Continue to enjoy sport everyone! My very best wishes and thanks,

Mrs Sue Frisby

Summer Music Exam Results

We have had a few music exam results in the last few dates that are very pleasing and can’t wait until September to share! Huge congratulations to:

  • Freya A – grade 6 piano, merit
  • Pip J – grade 6 singing
  • Hattie T – grade 5 trumpet, merit
  • Fran J – grade 5 music theory
  • Gracie F – grade 5 music theory
  • Caitlin M – grade 5 music theory
  • Antonia V – grade 5 music theory
  • Lucas H – grade 3 violin, merit
  • Annabelle L – grade 2 music theory
  • Patrick B – grade 1 trombone, distinction
  • Siddharth B – grade 1 music theory, distinction
  • Henry B – grade 1 electric guitar

Parents, please help your child to practise over the summer holidays. It is a great chance for them to have unpressurised time to play and explore new pieces. It is also important that children don’t lose the muscles, dexterity and confidence that they have built up. It can be very demoralising to have backwards in standard once September comes around. Consider making practice charts with rewards, using games like drawing names of pieces/scales out of a hat and setting a challenge to learn to play/sing Dad’s/Granny’s/Aunty Jane’s favourite piece. See if your child can teach you something! Don’t let holidays be a barrier to musical development – take the instrument (most are portable) or find an app that means that some type of practice can take place.

If anyone is still considering music lessons for their child, please contact me on We have teachers covering violin, flute, clarinet, guitar, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, piano, singing, drums and ukulele.

Mrs Ashwin

Mr Ashwin is an Ironman!

He stormed around the course in 13 hours 23 minutes, in 736th place out of 1900! Including a 4 hour 15 minute marathon, for you keen runners out there!

His legs are a little shaky today . . . full report to follow in the coming days, with photos . . .

Mrs Ashwin

Taster Term of Guitar/Ukulele Lessons on Offer


From September 2015 we are offering ‘Taster Terms’ on both acoustic guitar and ukulele. Over the course of a term your child will be taught the essentials of playing including:-

  • proper posture
  • alternate picking technique
  • correct left hand fretting technique
  • basic of music reading and notation

By the end of the term both the teacher and parent will be in a position to judge the child’s ability and their attitude to the all-important practice which must take place between lessons for progress to be achieved.

Our guitar and ukulele teacher, Mr James, is very experienced in teaching beginners and encourages the child to play the music they wish to play. Lessons will be on an one-to-one basis and will last for 30 minutes. The school can loan the appropriate instrument for the duration of the Taster Term.

Please contact Mr James directly for more information:

UKMT Maths Challenge Certificates

Congratulations go to all the winners of Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates in the UKMT Individual Junior Maths Challenge.  They were presented during the assemblies this morning.
 These were: Kezia, Charlotte, Annie, Hattie G, Hattie S, Miles, Caitlin G, Philip, George, Georgina, Caitlin M, Molly and Freya



Caitlin won a Silver Award and was Best in Year 7. Kesia won a Gold Award and was best in Year 8. She also gained entry into the prestigious UKMT Kangeroo competition.