A Belter of a Brass Day

On Friday 13th October, Miss Harris and I took eight brass players to Oundle School for their annual Brass Day. The pupils were put in their groups and they rehearsed hard for the morning. We then had a chance for a picnic lunch and an opportunity to see Oundle pupils and staff performing in small brass ensembles. After a photo opportunity, the pupils rehearsed a bit more and then put on a fantastic concert. It really was impressive to see what could be achieved with a just a day of rehearsals. Our pupils were a delight and worked hard all day. I was not in the least surprised by their commitment as they work hard in Orchestra rehearsals week after week. We also have a lot of new brass pupils in the early stages of learning who will be ready for these types of events next year if they keep practising well.

Well done everyone for a great day.

Mrs Ashwin


Ukuleles and Guitars do the Can-Can!


We have a thriving ukulele and guitar scene at Stoneygate and on Thursday 12th October, the Ukulele Group and Guitar Group both performed in assembly. Mr James arranged the Can-Can in two different versions to show the talents of both groups in different ways. Both groups are developing very impressively and demonstrate a huge level of listening, concentration and musicality. Well done to both ensembles, it was a great start to the day! Thanks to Mr James for his energy and drive in getting so many players (a lot of new ukulele players too) performing so enthusiastically!

Mrs Ashwin

Vocal Concert

On Tuesday 10th October, our singing lesson pupils performed in the annual Vocal Concert. This event is always a real treat to attend and this year was no exception. We heard 27 soloists from years 1 – 8 and the finale, Can you feel the love tonight, was beautiful. It is very important that this concert represents singers at all stages in their journey and we had a lot of singers who are only 4 weeks into singing lessons. I really don’t think anyone would have guessed as they all performed with such confidence and poise. Thank you to Mr Ashwin and Mrs Trounson for preparing the singers so well. Congratulations to the following pupils:

  • Year 1: Ellie A
  • Year 3: Rosie A, Taran D, Eva H and Woody S
  • Year 4: Sophia W and Tilly G
  • Year 5: Henry J, Karan J, Darcey S, Olivia C, Shonali B, Ishaan M, Seb J, Daksh G, Amrit G, Omar O, Imara D and Isabelle J
  • Year 6: George T and Bradley M
  • Year 7: Evie S, Tasia D and Joanna W
  • Year 8: Max W, Hattie T and Will Mc

Mrs Ashwin


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

Whenever a parent asks a child, “What did you do at school today?”  there normally follows a muffled response of “not much”….. with  bear hunts, trips to castles, vocal concerts, sports fixtures, NSPCC visitors, ‘Fish Week’, a mysterious cat in assembly, a Geography Field Trip, a brass concert at Oundle and a cross country race…I hope your children have returned home excited, rather than bored.

I must begin this blog with congratulations to all our early morning joggers and cross country runners.  Several students were awarded a bronze certificate in assembly for completing five of their ‘Early morning jogs’.  This steely determination was seen at the inter schools cross country race on Thursday at Market Harborough.  Staff and parents were not only pleased to see participation, but the strength of character shown by our pupils.  There were several outstanding individual performances most notably Lyla (who came 1st in the Y5 girls’ race) and  Alice (who came 2nd in the Y6 girls’ race).


Year 6 boys begin their race…

At Stoneygate we believe it is important to sometimes take pupils out of their ‘comfort zone’.  I was delighted to see so many new pupils singing at the vocal concert.  Singing a solo takes great courage; it also takes great bravery to stop singing and ask the pianist to start again if you’ve missed your cue or forgotten some words.  It was wonderful to listen to such talented pupils.

Beautiful singing at the vocal concert on Tuesday…

Playing in a large band is something not many pupils get the opportunity to do, so we are grateful that the Oundle Music department invited some of our brass players to perform in a concert this afternoon.

A wonderful new experience for several Stoneygate pupils.

It’s also important to experience new food.  I would like to thank the catering team for all they have done this week.  Prawns, crab, lobster, calamari, and a variety of fish have all been eaten this week.  There was also a mysterious cat in both an assembly and the dining hall…


Delicious fish; large, happy cat…

Our Year 9 Charity ambassadors would like you to do something different over half term.  They would like you to draw a ‘spotacular picture’ as part of their efforts to raise money for ‘Children in Need’.  Be inspired by Lichtenstein or Seurat…do something different this half term!

Enjoy the half term break,

Mr Dobson


U10A Rugby v Maidwell

The U10A team won a close fought contest at home against Maidwell Hall.

Our opponents were the strongest tacklers we have faced so far this term and we had to work hard to match their aggression and competitive spirit.

I was delighted with our performance as we worked hard in defence, with contributions all across the field. Our attack also operates well, with good running, solid passing and very few wasted opportunities.

We scored six tries to their two which does not reflect properly the quality of Maidwell’s play. Our tries came from Jacob (3), Henry, Omar and Seb.

Well done to Ethan and Seb who came on as substitutes.

Man of the Match Award went to Jacob, for his powerful runs and strong defence.


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

This week every pupil from Reception to Year 9 has had the opportunity to listen to Jed from the historical company “Up and at ‘em!”.  The trench, the artefacts, the stories have inspired many.  Next year will mark the centenary of the end of ‘the Great War’.  As a staff we are already looking at how we as a school will be commemorating this event.

Should young pupils be taught about a war which resulted in death and destruction on a scale hitherto unknown?  For teachers at Stoneygate school the answer is a resounding yes.  Such a significant event in twentieth century world history, which changed the lives of millions of people forever, cannot be ignored.  Out of respect for those who lost their lives in a period which has now faded from living memory, we have a duty to pass on their stories to our children.



Stoneygate pupils listening to anecdotes…and handling artefacts.

In art some of our older pupils have designed and made beautiful poppies…



Moving into 2018 all pupils will get the opportunity to help develop, build and paint a 3D WW1 battle scene.  Pupils from Year 7, 8 and 9 will also have the opportunity to visit a WW1 memorial when they visit France this summer.

As ever, it’s been a busy week at Stoneygate.  Please do take some time to read other blogs regarding the Pre-Prep Harvest, the Year 6 & 7 Science trip and sport.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr J F Dobson