Year 7/8 Rugby v Oundle

Despite the windy conditions the boys had a super afternoon of rugby. In both matches the teams were very evenly matched, which made for thrilling contests which went back and forth in terms of possession and tries.

The A team ran out winners 50-40 thanks to two late tries and the B team won 40-35 in another very close finish.

Many thanks go to the Oundle staff and pupils and to our parents for their touchline support in the gale.

U11 Hockey success

Yesterday the U11 girls enjoyed a successful day out at the Stamford hockey festival. The girls looked very smart in their new kit and all had a great time playing some brilliant hockey. The A team won all of their matches, with outstanding performances from the whole team but, in particular, the forwards shone and helped produce 9 goals across the afternoon. Particular mention should go to Olivia for contributing five of these.

The B team were also unbeaten, winning three of their matches and drawing 0-0 in a close game against Stamford. An excellent team performance with moments of brilliance from all. A special mention should also go to Alice, Tilly and Sophia (year 5) who stepped up and played very well to set up all three goals for Emily.

Well played girls.


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

Before moving to Leicestershire, I lived and worked in London.  With prospective pupils being ‘prepped’ to pass the entrance exam, we felt we had to change the entrance procedure.  Yes, we examined pupils in Maths, English and VR…but we also gave them a box of Lego.  Cue, look of bewilderment and horror on some faces.

At Stoneygate we now have two Lego clubs: one on Wednesday evening (run by Mrs Balchin) and one on Thursday (run by Mr Palmer) ….with both clubs being extremely popular, Mr Palmer had to invest in more Lego over the summer holiday.  Lego is more than just a game; Lego develops numerous skills that are important both inside and outside school.

Lego promotes fine motor skills and dexterity; it develops problem solving and mathematical thinking (especially when trying to follow complex instructions!).  The various shapes, colours and sizes obviously improve creativity- children have no limitations in what they can make or build.  I also believe Lego develops perseverance and planning skills.  How can I build a really tall tower, without it collapsing?  In an age when it is much easier to plonk children in front of a small screen, at Stoneygate, we will continue to encourage Lego and all that it has to offer.


Pupils enjoying Lego club this week at Stoneygate.

Lego was not the only club I visited this week.  On Thursday evening I was fortunate enough to sample the numerous clubs that were taking place that evening (Tae Kwon Do, Multi-Sports, Tennis, Orchestra, Catch up French, Textiles Batk)….and this was only Thursday evening!

Pupils at Stoneygate are very lucky to have such a variety of after-school clubs….

Talent can and should be nurtured both inside and outside school.  Congratulations must go to Josh in Year 6, who entered a monologue competition (as part of his extra-curricular drama) and was one of 10 finalists (from over 4,000 applicants).   Josh performed his monologue in front of the Academy (London) Principal and was given acting advice from the director of ‘Matilda’.


Congratulations Josh..

Music is a key curricular and co-curricular activity at Stoneygate.  Thanks to a very generous donation from a Stoneygate old boy, this summer we purchased numerous violins.  All pupils in Y2 will now learn the violin (please do read Mrs Ashwin’s blog below) and we have a new violin teacher, Mrs Le page.  She introduced herself this week in assembly….

Spellbound…even our new Reception pupils appreciated such beautiful music.

Have a good weekend,

Mr J F Dobson

Year 2 Violin Project

I am delighted that a dream of mine has finally come true! I have hoped for a long time that we might have all of Year 2 learning the violin and we are finally in the position to do this. Year 2 now have a violin each to take home and practise and we have a super new violin teacher, Mrs Le Page, to help them get the best out of these super instruments.

The plan is that this becomes the norm for Year 2 to all learn the violin in their curriculum music time. Provision will then be made for them to continue learning in Year 3 and beyond. It is a very exciting project and one that I am sure the children are going to really enjoy!

IMG_7880     IMG_7879

Mrs Ashwin

Apples & Pears

Dear Parents

We are very lucky to have such beautiful grounds in our school.  We have an abundance of apples and pears from our many fruit trees.  Please feel free to help yourselves should you wish to make some fruit pies/crumbles. They are being stored in the new poly tunnel.apples & pears 2



his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

Welcome back.

It’s been wonderful to see so many happy and excited children back at Stoneygate.  September can also be a nervous time, particularly for new pupils…so a warm welcome to both new pupils and parents.

Over the holiday, I wrote to you outlining further investment at school and some of the key changes we want to implement in this academic year.  As a Headmaster who enjoys teaching it has been a pleasure to teach in our extended IT room, complete with several new computers this week; this afternoon I was fortunate to spend some time with some of our older pupils working in the new poly tunnel…


Y10 pupils ‘taking a breather’….

Tempus Fugit.  In assembly this week I spoke to the pupils about the importance of time. Time is precious and I don’t want pupils at Stoneygate to waste time.  I also quoted Stephen Hawking, who wrote ‘A brief History of Time’; Hawking said “ People won’t have time for you if you are always angry and complaining”.  Thanks must also go to Arush and Joanna (from Year 8) and Mrs Angell for playing ‘Just a Minute’ in front of the whole school….

Prince EA, the American poet on ‘time’…..

Post assembly all the new Reception pupils introduced themselves to me.  I’m very much looking forward to watching, monitoring, teaching and guiding them on their educational journey.


Our new Reception class, already working hard.

Remember when you were in Reception?

Time flies, enjoy the weekend,


Mr J F Dobson,



Dates for the diary:

10/9/18                Extra Curricular clubs begin

11/9/18                         School shop (2.30-4.30pm)

12/9/18                U11 hockey tournament (Oundle)