his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

Children continue to surprise me every day.

One such pupil this week was Jessica in Year 1. Jessica showed great bravery in having a very special haircut…she had 8 inches cut off her hair in order to make a wig to help young cancer patients.  In doing so, Jessica was sponsored and has subsequently made over £650 (which will help fund treatment for her mum’s friend who has Multiple Sclerosis).  What courage.


Jessica, new haircut, same friends.

On Thursday school handed over a cheque to the ‘Teenage Cancer Trust’ from money raised at the Summer fete.  Joanna Benbow from the Trust thanked the pupils for their kind donation and spoke about how the money would be used.


Siddharth and Bea handing over a cheque to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Following this assembly, our school council met under the chairmanship of Mr Stocks.  We have decided to give the Council £100 to spend.  It will be interesting to see what they choose to spend it on…I will keep you posted!

Storm Doris may well have affected our sports fixtures on Thursday, but it did not affect our musicians at Uppingham School.  They, like many other prep school pupils, enjoyed a day of rehearsing, before performing to a packed hall.  I was lucky enough to attend and along with Mrs Bates and Mrs Ashwin felt very proud of our pupils.



Rehearsing…and performing.


I have one star of the week and it’s not a pupil…it’s Mrs Burrell.  Mrs Burrell runs the second hand uniform shop.  I handed over some flowers to Mrs Burrell and she handed over a cheque to the SSA.  Money raised from the second hand uniform shop will go to the purchasing of new stage curtains in the assembly room and the installation of a defibrillator in the foyer of the new build.

I end this blog with a plea.  Please do not allow your children to play near the cricket nets (unsupervised) at the end of the day.  Although the fence between us and the kennels is secure, the dogs do get rather excited!

Vale Claudio amicus Stoneygate!


Mr Dobson


Cook club is back!

img_0375Cook club group 1 who did their first round of cooking in September is back to cooking again with Mrs Angell in our lab kitchen. (There is nothing like a looming cooking session to get all the surfaces disinfected!) –  along with my lovely bunch of happy helpful mums some of whom you can see beavering away in the corner over the washing up. Thank you to all of you.

Here is us with our first instalment of the new series, mushroom risotto. Delicious!.

Year 5 light up the lab

Year 5 made their own batteries today! We used vinegar-soaked blotting paper and aluminium  foil cut carefully  arranged in a stack with eight coins. Everyone managed to light up their LED. Then we switched off all the lights and saw our little lamps in all their glory. Well done year 5!


Year 5 Science machines


Year 5 were given  a half term challenge to make a moving toy or machine using levers, pulleys or gears. They did really well! I was very impressed with the effort put in and every member of year 5 made something to contribute to the display. We had a whole range of toys from cardboard tractors to Lego pulleys, from a Leicester City well and a pooping dog!

Three winners in each class were awarded prizes of a crystal growing trees, rattle magnets and toy steam boats.

The winners in 5MH (above) were: 1st place Edward Dg with his amazing helicopter, 2nd  – Harry T with his multi levered hydraulic grabber , 3rd Lauren  with her spinning swings.

In  5LA (below) 1st place George with his gears and levers seesaw leg model. 2nd place Edward Dv with his sturdy windmill, 3rd Mia with her people eating crocodile paper model.




And here was the competition! Well done everyone!



Team Maths Challenge

Sid and Rebecca (Year 8) and Will and Hattie (Year 7) are currently half way through their UKMT Maths Team Challenge at Ratcliffe College, along with twenty seven other teams.

They have completed the Group round and the Cross Number round and after lunch they have the Shuttle and the Relay.

It is a genuine challenge as they are up against some teams of Year 9 students, but they have acquitted themselves well so far and they are still smiling!

Year 2 adopt an elephant.

After learning about animals becoming extinct in our animal classification science lessons,  Rosie decided to start a collection for the WWF to help endangered animals. With the money raised she decided to adopt a baby elephant for our class.

This is the certificate we received from The World Wildlife Foundation.

Well done Rosie, what a lovely idea, we are very proud of you!


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

As you are all aware Ofsted did visit us last week.  For legal reasons I cannot say how well we did, but I was pleased with the outcome.  There now follows a period of report writing from Ofsted, with us checking for ‘factual accuracy’ before the document is published both on Ofsted’s website and ours.  The whole process could take another month. I will keep you informed.

Image is important in the 21st century.  Last week we had an impromptu vote in assembly.  I asked the pupils who they would vote for, showing them an image of Michael Foot and Tony Blair.  Tony Blair won by a huge margin.  We discussed how Hilary Clinton had been portrayed as ‘weak’ in the US elections; whereas Donald Trump appeared strong as he vowed “to make America great once more”.


Blair v Foot.

Image, we agreed, is important, but it is not to be mixed up with vanity.  I want pupils at Stoneygate to be smartly dressed; therefore before school starts, I am outside, not only welcoming pupils to school, but checking for correct uniform!  The Greek myth of Narcissus reminded pupils of the perils of vanity.


Narcissus gazing at his own beautiful image…

Could I thank Mrs Fielding for her assembly this week on ‘making mistakes.’  Her message to the pupils was a simple, but important one: we all make mistakes, but we need to turn them into something that is positive.  Whether it’s improving our bowling in cricket or a greater understanding of a certain aspect of Maths (I’ve witnessed both in the last week)..we can all learn from our mistakes…as Mrs Fielding demonstrated in this clip:

One of the highlights of my week was walking past a music room.  On hearing Mozart’s piano Sonata in C, I decided to pop in and thank the visiting music teacher for playing such a beautiful piece.  To my surprise (and delight) it was not an adult, but Hattie (Year 7) and her spellbound form.  She very kindly agreed to perform it in assembly the next day…here she is:

There have been some outstanding sports results this week.  Please do view the images and results on Facebook.  Well done to those parents and pupils who braved the cold in Market Harborough yesterday for the Cross country event- I was very proud of all our runners who showed great character and determination.


Stars of the week:

Year 2- Odera & Bela

Year 1- Tobie & Zaydan

Reception- Krish & Georgiana

May I wish you all a lovely half term break,

Mr J F Dobson