U13 Boys & Girls Squash match v Oakham

On Friday 2nd October we played squash at Oakham. Some of our players were making their debuts for the squash team. We played 9 boys and 5 girls.

We were too strong for Oakham on the whole but our players were generally more experienced than the Oakham players. This was apparent as our players showed greater skill in their placement of the ball, moving their opponents around the court well.

All players played a second match against players in a higher position in the Oakham ranking and nearly all of them won these convincingly. A special mention must go to Jasmine, who won her second match against the Oakham no 3 2-0 and also Eloise who narrowly lost 1-2 and on the final point of the last game, against the Oakham no 2. William showed what a talented player he is playing against opponents 2 years older than himself.

Our team was as follows:
Boys team
1. Max W – won 2-0
2. Oliver M – won 2-0
3. Spike M. – won 2-0
4. Patrick B – won 2-0
5. Jake C. – won 2-0
6. *Henry B. – won 2-0
7. *Henry H. – won 2-0
8. George H. – lost 0-2
9. *William W – won 2-1

Girls team
1. Milly B. – won 2-0
2. Gracie F. – won 2-0
3. Freya A. – won 2-0
4. *Eloise M – lost 0-2
5. *Jasmine MC – lost 1-2

Those with * before their name denotes first time appearances for the squash team. Both Freya and George have only played once before!

I must also mention that 8 of the boys and the top 2 girls recently competed in the Leicestershire Junior County Championships. They all acquitted themselves extremely well. Stoneygate School had many more entrants than any other School throughout all the age groups up to U19. There were two top achievements for the School. Max W, was runner up in the U11 event, losing to an England ranked player in the final but beating the no 2 seed on his way to the final and Milly B who also lost in a final. It was a particularly close final that could have gone either way. Milly was competing in the U13 event as her 11th birthday was a day before the tournament so she had to play up an age group.
The School is very proud of all their achievements. Well done!

Mrs. Abbott


Year 1 boys really enjoyed their rugby training from Ed during their games lesson on Thursday.

Pre-prep Harvest Festival

Well done to Pre-prep for a wonderful Harvest assembly this morning.

Many thanks to parents for supporting this occasion. All the donations will be gratefully received by the Salvation Army and distributated to many homes in the Leicester area.

Year 8 Set fire to food

Year 8  spent the morning burning food to calculate the energy content. We found that a piece of rice cake had far less energy in than the packet said! We think this is because are experiment wasn’t that accurate and lots of the energy was lost as heat in the surrounding air. It was fun though, we filled the lab with cooking smells (and burning smells) just before lunch.



Next lesson we tested food to see if it starch in in. We used iodine, which turns starch  black. We all guessed there would be starch in rice and bread, but some students were surprised to find starch in carrot and cucumber skin, and none at all in peaches, milk, cheese or grapes.


IMG_1036   IMG_1035

Year 6 Hurry up jelly!

Year 6 are investigating dissolving. Here they are trying to find out if jelly dissolves faster if you chop it up into small bits or not. It was very sticky and the temptation to drink the jelly was almost too much for some to bear.

We had to keep our tests fair by keeping the same temperature and volume of water and by stirring them the same amount.

We also planned a second test to find out if hot water helps dissolving. It does!

Here we are busy with our dissolving experiments:

IMG_1039 IMG_1028 IMG_1029 IMG_1037