Stoneygate’s Athletes take on South Leicestershire

On Friday 22nd May our team of athletes competed at the South Leicestershire Area Sports at Saffron Lane Stadium.

The competition involves 10 senior schools and athletes are from years 7 to year 11. Stoneygate can of course only send athletes from years 7 and 8. The year 7 children compete against other year 7s but the year 8s are up against year 8 AND 9 and most schools bring along a year 9 team! It’s tough! Schools are allowed to enter 2 athletes into each event, each person entering 1 event only, plus a relay. So, the maximum athletes in each event could possibly be 20.

So much is gained from taking part in this competition. It is, without doubt, so worthwhile. The atmosphere, the nerves, the noise and on top of all that, trying to achieve your best with 100s of people watching is a lot to over come! All the children who take part at this competition ‘grow’ in their sporting experience. How valuable!

All schools, apart from Stoneygate, have teams of 70-plus athletes and of course have plenty to choose from but our tiny team of 19 athletes had some real stars! We were excited and very nervous at the prospect of the athletics arena! The athletics programme began at 10am and finished at 5pm. We were well supplied with lunches, flapjack and water and plenty of jelly sweets!

All Stoneygate’s superb results are written here but it must be noted that we came away with 2 Area Champions:

– Gracie in the U’13 Javelin – she threw 18.75m (400g javelin)
– Molly in the U’13 Shot Put – she threw 6.99m (3kg shot)

Both girls will now be invited to represent South Leicestershire at the County Championships, due to take place on Saturday 13th June. Qualification for these Championships is difficult as in the field events athletes have to win at area level. Good luck girls!

Also, four of our sprinters fought very hard to progress through their heats and reach the final of their respective 100/200m. Well done to Eloise, Francesca, Henry B and Rhys who did so well to make the top 8 in the sprints as these races are always so highly contested.

Field Events –
Gracie – 1st Javelin (18.75m) – U’13
Molly – 1st Shot Put (6.99m) – U’13
Arjun – 15th Javelin – U’13
Finley – 10th High Jump (1.30m) – U’15
Fran – 7th Long Jump (3.60m) -U’15

Track Events –
Clemmie – 7th 1200m – U’13
Pippa – 11th 1200m – U’13
Eleanor – 6th 800m – U’13
Antonia – 7th 800m – U’13
Jake – 9th 1500m – U’13
Archie – 5th 100m heat – U’13
Henry H – 5th 100m heat – U’13
Eloise – Heat 200m – 3rd / Final 7th – U’13
Francesca – Heat 100m – 4th / Final 4th – U’13
Henry B – Heat 100m – 4th / Final 7th
Rhys – Heat 200m – 2nd / Final 7th

Relays –
U’13 Girls (Gracie, Eloise, Francesca and Eleanor) – 5th
U’13 Boys (Rhys, Henry B, Henry H and Archie) – 7th
U’15 Girls (Joni, Annie, Hattie G and Fran) – 7th

A fantastic day! Well done to every one of the Stoneygate athletes!

Mrs Frisby, Mrs Ward, Mr Clancy and Mrs McSweeny

Pizza Revision!

Year 6 made pizza in today’s science lesson and reflected on the science behind it.   First we added yeast and warm water, kneaded the dough and left it to rise while we answered some quick fire revision questions on microbes and health, including why it is important to wash your hands really well with soap and warm water before kneading pizza dough!

Then we had a revision session on changing materials and why boiling oil is so much more dangerous than boiling water and that’s why no one was allowed near the pan of hot oil. By then it was hot enough at 160C to fry our mini pizzas. While they cooled we had another revision session on feeding and getting energy from food and how plants make all our food in the first place and where wheat, cheese and tomatoes come from. Then, of course, we ate the pizzas! Nice science lesson and well done everyone!

The dough before….


and after…


Jess kneading the dough..



Cooking the dough balls


The finished pizzas. Yum yum




Colts B Cricket v Laxton

On Wednesday 20th May the Colts B team played away at Laxton School, in Oundle.Laxton batted first and scored 292 in their 15 overs.

Will McEuan was our best bowler and he also took a superb running catch near to the boundary.

When we batted James B and George H gave us a good start. Then Kian D and Will McE struck the ball well. At this point we were well ahead of the required rate.

Sadly, the next three pairs lost wickets and struggled to score runs off the bat.

At the end of our overs we were well short of the required total, losing by 32 runs.

Man of the Match and Champagne Moment both went to Will McE, who also won tickets to the Leicestershire Foxes 20Twenty game on Friday (donated by Mr Hackney).

U11 Girls Rounders v Laxton

U11A Vs Laxton

Team: Jazzy (Captain), Bea, Izzy (Vice Captain) Megan, Annie, Beattie, Rebecca,
Jess & Emily.

On the 20th May 2015 the U11A played rounders away Vs Laxton.
We all played well although we lost the game 20½ to 21½ rounders.
Overall we worked together as a team although we did have a few little fumbles.

Special mention goes to Emily for excellent fielding and catching someone out.

Player of the match goes to Bea for amazing hitting and for also catching someone out. Bea was also voted player of the match by Laxton.

We still need to improve on tighter fielding but our throwing and catching skills have definitely improved.

It was a very close match, and we definitely came back fighting from our last match against Wellingborough, and we will come back fighting in our next match.

Everyone played really well.

Well done team!

Written by Jasmine M-C (Capt.)

U13 & U12/11 Tennis v Oakham

On Monday 18th May – Away

Our annual tennis fixture v Oakham looked unlikely to go ahead at 2.00pm due to hours of previous heavy rain. As we started the match there were some extremely large black clouds overhead but they cleared and we had a great afternoons tennis.

We were due to play their ‘C’ teams but after explaining that we actually had strong players Oakham put out their ‘A’ team against our U13s and their ‘B’ team against our U12/11 team.

The standard of tennis from both Schools was extremely high. There were some very long rallies, often going into double figures, with powerful drives moving their opponents around the whole court. It was great to see our players taking the ball early and volleying at the net. The U13s particularly, ended their rallies with winners rather than mistakes which so often happens at this level.

The results were as follows:

1st Pair – Fran J (Capt.) & Joni H W6-2, L4-6, L2-6
2nd Pair – Lara P & Gracie F. W6-5, W6-4, L5-6
3rd Pair – Annie R & Freddie M. L4-6, W6-3, W6-3

1st Pair – Elleanor B & Molly J. W6-0, W6-0, W 6-1
2nd Pair – Clemmy P & Freya A. W6-3, L3-6, L4-6
3rd Pair – Georgina T & Bea R. L2-6, W6-3, L4-6

Overall scores were extremely close:

Stoneygate U13s won 5-4
Stoneygate U12/11s won 5-4

Fantastic results against a School that has many more girls to choose from than ours and all their girls play tennis as a sport this term, playing 3 times a week. Well done!

Mrs. Abbott

U10 Girls Rounders

Stoneygate v Wellingborough

Wednesdays match against Wellingborough was a tough one.  All the U10 Stoneygate girls played against a strong Wellingborough A team.  During the first innings Wellingborough batted first and scored a very impressive 13 rounders with some excellent big hits leaving Stoneygate in disarray in the field.  Special mention should go to Millie B, Katie and Daisy who caught 3 people out. We responded with 8 rounders, 3 from Millie B, 3 from Hattie, 1.5 from Daisy and half from Annie.

We went into the second innings aiming to improve are fielding skills, particularly throwing and catching accurately.  It worked, and the girls held Wellingborough to 5 rounders.  Hattie was particularly strong in the field along with Tallulah and Jemima (Vice Captain) and Katies bowling was very strong making it difficult for their batters. Tallulah made an excellent catch at mid deep. We followed that up with 5 rounders, 1 from Millie P (Captain), 2 halves from Jemima, 2.5 from Hattie and half from Millie L.

The girls should be proud of themselves for drawing with a strong Wellingborough team in the second half and we will continue to practice our fielding and decision making skills.

Player of the Match was Hattie and special mention went to Jemima.

Final score:  Wellingborough 18, Stoneygate 13

Well played girls.  Mrs Ward