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Last week the city of Brussels re-named one of its squares after Jo Cox, the Labour MP murdered by a right-wing extremist during the Brexit referendum campaign. It was a fitting tribute to a hard-working MP, who had once lived in the city.

In schools we have a duty to teach ‘British values’, we need to actively promote: democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

This afternoon our Year 7 & 8 pupils debated two interesting topics:

“Should we be scared of robots and AI?”

“Should female athletes get paid the same as male athletes?”

The debate over pay certainly brought heated discussion at the staff table over lunch!  Here lies the beauty (and frustrations) of democracy.  Staff were delighted at all teams involved in the debating and the audience participation.  In both debates pupils put forward articulate responses from both the opposing team and questions taken from the floor.  A ballot box was available for a secret vote.  The results were as follows:

“Should we be scared of robots and AI?”                                     YES (24 votes)   NO (7 votes)

“Should female athletes get paid the same as male athletes?”   YES (14 votes)   NO (17 votes)



Arush… ‘commanding the floor’ and delivering a fine speech.

The theme of Tuesday’s assembly was ‘not to fear the unknown, but to embrace it.’  Mr Ashwin explained to pupils how sometimes we have to step out of ‘our comfort zone’ and to prove it Mr Ashwin played the viola. (He has only been learning for 5 weeks, and despite a few wrong notes (!), got to the end of the piece….well done Mr Ashwin.)

I’m delighted to say pupils (from Reception to Year 10) have certainly ‘stepped out of their comfort zone’ this week and seized opportunities.

On Monday, Reception pupils went on a Bear hunt at the Arboretum on Carisbrooke Road. They acted out the story and took part in various activities associated with the book. The pupils then sequenced the story with their creations at school in the afternoon.

On Friday, the Reception children picked cooking apples in the school grounds and made apple and blackberry crumble to take home.



“We’re going on a bear hunt…”

Numerous year groups have participated in Geography Field trips this week.  Year 2 went for a very wet walk this morning around Great Glen as part of their topic on ‘Our Local Area’.  They posted letters addressed to themselves and then bought a snack from the Post Office and enjoyed eating it at the park! This afternoon they enjoyed plotting the local amenities onto a map.



Year 2 exploring Great Glen…

Year 8 pupils took part in Geography field work around Rutland on Tuesday and Year 10 students joined up with Dixie Grammar school pupils to complete GCSE coursework today.

For several pupils taking part in the vocal concert on Tuesday evening meant ‘stepping out of their comfort zone’.  Congratulations to all soloists who performed in that very special concert.

Thank you to all of the Pre-Prep pupils and staff for their charming Harvest assembly.

Head teacher’s Award:

Jack (Year 5) for improved presentation.

Year 2 Star of the week is Armaan.. for trying very hard in his swimming lessons.

Year 1 Star of the week is Yash for super writing about Warwick Castle.

Reception Star of the week is Aveer for being super organised!


It’s been a busy week.

Enjoy the half term break,

Mr J F Dobson