his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

Last week I attended a Heads’ conference in Leamington Spa.  One of the key note speakers was Elizabeth Wright.  Elizabeth represented Australia at two Paralympic Games and won three medals.  At the conference she spoke on the subject of ‘Resilience, Well being and Success’.

elizabeth wright

On the topic of well being, she challenged adults in the room (and our pupils) to write down three things for which they are grateful for every day for one week.  After repeating this exercise for seven days, “research has shown that it can reduce stress and improve happiness” for months afterwards.  Perhaps today I’d like to thank…

  1. Soldiers past and present
  2. Our imaginative and talented pupils
  3. The generosity of the Stoneygate School parents


We began the week looking at the 100th anniversary of the battle of Passchendaele.  The battle epitomised WWI.  Due to torrential rain, the British and Canadian troops found themselves fighting not only the Germans but a quagmire of stinking mud that swallowed up men, horses and tanks.


After 105 days of brutal trench warfare, the Allies finally recaptured the village of Passchendaele – but by then around a third of a million British and Allied soldiers had been killed or wounded in some of the most horrific trench warfare of the conflict.

We looked at examples of bravery, such as the fighter pilot Hardit Singh Malik.  Hardit had studied history at Oxford and played cricket for Sussex.  He flew over Passchendaele whilst in pursuit of the ‘Red Baron’.  Hardit, was unfortunately outnumbered in the skies and he was forced to crash land. There were over 400 bullet holes in his plane.  Somehow he managed to survive; he died in 1980 (with two bullets still lodged in his leg).


Hardit Singh Malik, cricketer and fighter pilot.

Some of our Year 8 pupils have done some creative English based on their knowledge of the war.


A poem written by Will (Y8)

Keeping with creativity, I would like to thank all those pupils who participated in the ‘Children in Need Spotacular Painitng’ competition- an art competition organised by our Year 9 Charity ambassadors.  It had one stipulation- the art work had to be spotty!

A spotacular effort!  Well done to all who entered.

Finally, I’d like to thank the Stoneygate parents.  I’d like to thank all of you who attended last night’s talk on ‘Stoneygate School and Secondary Education’; I’d also like to thank you for supporting our ‘Children in Need’ efforts, either through the baking or the buying of cakes.

We have currently raised over £350.

Stars of the week:

Reception: Aiden and Keira

Year 1: Zak  for Forest School; Leo for number bonds to 20.

Year 2: Georgiana for odd and even numbers; Jessica for learning her Christmas concert words; Rayyan for listening and joining in at carpet time.


Have a good weekend,

Mr Dobson


Forest School

Our pupils from Reception to Year 3 enjoyed Forest School in the school grounds last week. In the autumn sunshine they spent time in the woods with Forest School Leader Mrs Askew.

Mrs Askew encouraged everyone to learn ‘We take care of our wood,’ ‘We take care of ourselves,’ and ‘We take care of our friends.’ Our pupils had great fun creatively enjoying our wonderful woods in many different ways. The hot chocolate also went down very well!

Our pupils will be experiencing Forest School in all the seasons and we look forward to our next session in January.

Year 1

After a visit from Mrs Powell from Leicestershire Hedgehog Rescue, we decided that we would build a Hedgehog Hotel to try and help the hedgehogs through hibernation.

We used bricks and slabs and put hay and leaves inside for insulation.

Logs and twigs went on top to attract slugs and snails, a hedgehog’s favourite food. We are hoping there will be some guests booking in soon.

Year 1

We had an amazing visit from Mrs Powell.  She told us all about how to encourage hedgehogs in to our gardens and how to keep them protected as their numbers are declining.

We were fascinated to see a hedgehog as they are nocturnal.  Spiky seemed to like plastic slugs!!


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

I agree with this phrase.  I also believe that progress is impossible without change. At Stoneygate we must (and do) apply both beliefs.

This term we have introduced a new online maths homework system and we’re delighted with the results.  Next week we will begin a more structured approach to ‘Forest school’.  Pupils from Reception to Year 3 will spend half a day in our beautiful woods in each of the four different seasons doing a variety of learning activities from team building to art.


Creating our own outdoor classroom with our beautiful autumnal trees……

As a staff we review each trip- some we repeat and others are new.  Both pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the recent trip to Stratford which was a first.  In this academic year we hope to begin a Year 5 & 6 residential.  We already organise a successful Year 3/4 residential trip and language and choir trips for our older pupils, but we feel we could also offer a new trip.  I will keep you posted.

Another new venture will be our ‘Form lunches’.  We would like to invite parents , or if both parents are working  grandparents,  into school to enjoy lunch with both staff and pupils.  Mrs Whittle will be sending out specific invitations soon!

Finally, I’d like to introduce some new faces around school.

Mr Timson will be working in the PE dept under the guidance of Mrs Fielding.

Miss Alloway will be helping out in both ‘School House’ with some of our younger pupils and in the new build with some of our older pupils.

Miss Alloway & Mr Timson

Enjoy bonfire night, especially those who are attending the Rainbows event and please be careful with fireworks..

Mr Dobson

Year 8 Geography Field trip

On Thursday 12th October the Year 8 pupils travelled to Rutland Water to investigate sustainable tourism around the reservoir. They visited the fishing lodge at Normanton, the dam at Sykes Lane, Whitwell Water Sports Centre and the nature reserve at Egleton.

Pupils observed the management plans used to protect the reservoir.  They carried out questionnaires with a warden, the Whitwell cycle shop manager and the zookeeper of Bugtopia to see if there are any conflicts between different users of the reservoir.   They made careful observations about the impact tourists have on the environment. They also visited a bird hide at the nature reserve to carry out a wetland birds’ survey and draw a sketch of the nature reserve.

The highlight of the trip was meeting ‘Cuddles’ the boa constrictor which was wrapped around the zookeeper as he answered the pupils questions! The group were then invited to have a tour of the zoo which was an unexpected bonus.

This was a very enjoyable day and the children were great ambassadors for the school.

Mrs Jelly