U11A rounders v Maidwell

U11A Girls Rounders v Maidwell
on Wednesday 14th May

On Wednesday 14th May 2014 the U11 A team played at home against Maidwell Hall. They won the toss and chose to field first. On our first go we all seemed nervous and did not score anything but on Gracie’s (despite having a bad finger), Eloise’s and Jojo’s second goes they each scored an amazing rounder. Clemmie, Mia and Caitlin joined us for this match and all seemed determined and played very well. Well done to them! Antonia scored three tremendous rounders and Gracie scored another one. By the end of the first innings we had scored 11 rounders.
When our turn came to field, we were confident and they did not score anything on their first go. Gracie caught someone out. We fielded well and stumped three girls out. By the end of the innings they had scored 1 ½ rounders. Our turn came to bat again and Gracie scored an outstanding three more rounders and Pippa and Molly both scored an excellent rounder. We scored another 10 rounders, scoring 21 in total. When our turn came to field again we were more determined, as the parents supported us and cheered us on. Gracie and Georgina caught someone out. Our fielding slightly let us down as we lost focus and panicked leading them to score a rounder. Molly caught a superb catch and got a girl out at inner. By the end they had scored another rounder making the score 21-2 ½ to us. The team was Molly Johnson, Gracie Fraser, Josephine Chawner, Antonia Veary, Freya Astill, Pippa Neal, Eleanor Benson, Eloise Furber, Georgina Tyler (captain) joined by Clemmie Parr, Mia Rhodes and Caitlin Musto. Well done to the whole team! An excellent win!

By Georgina Tyler (Capt.)

Player of the Match – Antonia Veary whose batting has moved onto another level. She scored 4 rounders


U’13s/ U’11C Rounders v Wellingborough U’13C – 7/5/14

Stoneygate’s mixed team played Wellingborough’s U’13C which was a tough beginning to the rounders season.  However, it was good match play experience for everyone.

Stoneygate: Caitlin G (Capt.), Rakhi, Sian, Francesca, Eloise M, Mia, Caitlin M, Clemmie.

The Stoneygate team scoreded 6 1/2 rounders to Wellingborough’s 19 but this game gave the girls lots of opportunities to improve fielding and batting and to try different positions on the pitch.  Also, by the end of the game, the girls’ confidence had noticeably risen.

Player of the match was Rakhi who bowled consistently well and held the team together.

Special mention goes to Sian who had to play under pressure at inner.  As the game progressed she made huge improvements to her own play, especially catching.

Catch of the match goes to Rakhi for when she firmly held on to a mighty strike of the ball from the Wellingborough’s best batter as it headed directly for Rakhi, brilliant!

Mrs S. Frisby

Boys squash v Stamford

Boys Squash v Stamford
On Monday 2nd March – Away

We travelled to play Stamford Senior School (their Year 9s). The standard was quite good, as the Stamford boys play squash regularly. As usual we had great strength in depth. Each player played against two opponents, playing ‘best of three games’ with each one. Max W had a great match playing up the order and was taken to a final game, but true to form he came back strongly and took the final game with ease. Philip W was pushed hard and enjoyed a very closely fought match with the Stamford No.2. Having taken the first game, he couldn’t quite maintain the pressure on his opponent as he lost the final two games but both were pretty close. Sam N also suffered at the hands of their No.2, losing by the same score. Sam A played well against a Year 10 player and recorded an easy victory. The following players also won both of their games: Will J, Miles J and Kipp A.

The results were as follows:

1. Sam A. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
2. Sam N. – Lost 1-2 and Lost 1-2
3. Philip W – Won 2-0 and Lost 1-2
4. Max W. – Won 2-1 and Won 2-0
5. Edward G. – Lost 1-2 and Lost 0-2
6. Will J. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
7. Miles J. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
8. Kipp A. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
9. Matt B. – Won 2-0 and Lost 0-2

This was the last Squash fixture for this term and the last Stoneygate squash match for all the Year 8s (Sam A, Sam N, Kipp A, Edward G and Matt B). Most of these boys have represented the Stoneygate Squash team for many years and it will be sad to lose them. We have had another amazing season remaining unbeaten yet again. I hope all the Year 8s continue to play at their next schools with the same success. Well done everyone!

C. Abbott

U11B netball Triangular v Laxton & Wisbech

Girls U11B Netball Triangular v Laxton & Wisbech

on Wednesday 26th February – Played at Laxton


Fran E, Clemmy P, Pippa N, Caitlin M, Eloise F, Georgina T & Mia R

Stoneygate v Wisbech

Although it was a cold day, it was lovely to play in sunshine. We played against Wisbech first, this was our first ever fixture together and it was fairly closely fought. We lost the toss and immediately went a goal down, but put together some lovely passes, with Pippa feeding the ball nicely into our shooters, Fran and Georgina. Georgina got into her stride and hardly missed, scoring 4 of the 5 goals in the first half. Wisbech also played well, passing the ball fluently from one end of the court to the other. They managed to score 3 giving us a 5/3 advantage at half time.

In the second half Wisbech worked hard, intercepting well, but often passing to our playiers having won the ball. Clemmy, playing out of position at Goal Keeper, impressed with her attitude and tried hard to successfully prevent Wisbech scoring.

The final score was a well deserved 8-5 win to Stoneygate

Stoneygate v Laxton

We won the toss this time but although we had many scoring opportunities, we just couldn’t get the ball in the net. Having had a 25 minute rest between games, we struggled to get our rhythm going. Our passes were not as accurate and we gave the ball away on countless occasions. Eloise worked extremely hard, trying to mark two particularly tall girls and did her best in the ‘D’. Pippa, again showed great spirit, linking play in the centre court. Her quick thinking and agility on court were impressive. Unfortunately having trailed 5-2 going into the second half, the gap was too big for us to claw our way back. Having said that, we put in a very strong performance in the second half (which we drew 3-3) but it wasn’t enough and in the end we lost the match 5-8.

Special mention to Fran who kept her concentration well throughout the match and scored 6 goals overall.

Player of the match goes to Pippa, whose hard work was key to the teams overall performances.

C. Abbott

U10 Hockey v Wellingborough (A)

The U10 girls made the trip to Wellingborough on 12th February and played their match in terrible weather conditions – cold, driving wind, hail pellets and then sunshine.  The Stoneygate team played with their usual high level of enthusiasm though and were determined to get a positive result from this match.  The final result was 1-0, the goal scored by Jasmine in the 2nd half. She struck the ball so hard and with such wonderful technique that it lifted from the ground and smashed into the board in the goal – a truly fantastic goal.  She was awarded Player of the Match for her stick work skills and importantly her concentration relating to her team mates around her. Very well done Jasmine.

All ten girls played their part in this victory with most of them achieving the challenges they had been set – all resulting in individual improvements.  Annabelle was awarded a Special Mention for her controlled defensive work, allowing the opposition very little progress in their attack.  Her timing when making the tackle was excellent.

Captain Bea and Izzy worked incredibly hard throughout the whole match and, along with Emily, built the attack on several occasions, resulting in plenty of shots at goal. Ilona continued her excellent dribbling and has altered her style so that she can see her players more clearly, well done Ilona, great work on the right wing.  Megan played more positively and approached her attackers more confidently, making some important clearances.  Jess, again, showed her strong hitting skills at free hits and she too made important tackles in defence. Beattie used her strength to progress the ball forwards and looked carefully for the right pass to make.  Finally, our super GK, Rebecca, didn’t have too much to do but when it came to the important save, she made it with confidence and produced some strong kicking. (Erin was not able to play in this match due to her unfortunate foot troubles).

This was such a deserved win. The best performance this season girls, well played all of you! Many thanks to the brave Mums who cheered to their normal high standard in the ‘Arctic’ conditions. You are much appreciated.

Mrs S. Frisby

U12 ‘B’ Netball Fixture

U12 ‘B’ team Netball fixture v Witham

Score: Stoneygate 5 Witham 6

Stoneygate made an excellent start, taking an early lead and looking very sharp. However this was a closely fought match with great defensive play by both teams and the score was 2-1 to Stoneygate at half time.  Witham came back strongly in the second half to eventually win the match by one goal.

Player of the match: Sophie E – for great attacking play

Special mention: Joni H – for improved footwork

Overall, a good team effort by the Stoneygate girls.

Mrs Jelly

18th November 2013 – Under 10 Netball V Great Bowden (H)

A Team:         Result: Stoneygate 6  v  Great Bowden 7

Emily, Jessica, Jasmine (swimming at the gala), Elizabeth, Annabelle,           Beatrice .R. and Beatrice .B.(Captain)

B Team          Result:  Stoneygate 2  v  Great Bowden 7

Megan, Ilona, Erin, Mia and Rebecca (Captain)

It was pleasing to host a new fixture and we welcomed Great Bowden Primary School from Market Harborough.  On rather a cold and damp afternoon the U’10s were, as usual, excited to be playing and indeed played until it was dark!

The A team had a shaky start and Gt Bowden were quick to score 3 goals.  Bea scored just before ¼ time and Stoneygate finally were then more settled.

Both teams were evenly matched in the second 1/4 , scoring 3 goals each and for Stoneygate Emily played a stunning ¼.  She scored 3 consecutive goals and worked hard for the whole 8 mins.  Her shots were cleanly targeted and she showed huge confidence in her movement around the circle, searching for the space to set her shots, super!

The score at 6-4 to Gt Bowden, both teams battled to keep possession and as a result only 1 goal was scored, by Gt Bowden, 7-4. Jess and Beattie were unlucky not to score.

All to play for then and Stoneygate girls were on a mission to level the scores and showed their feisty side!  The whole team pulled together, which they do superbly when the game gets tough. Jess and Annabelle, in defence, put huge pressure on the shooters and prevented any further goals from Gt Bowden. Izzy and Bea, a good shooting partnership, battled and achieved 2 goals.  The whistle was blown just before the draw was reached.

This was a super match by the A Team, against a Year 6 Gt Bowden team, and demonstrated their improvement! Well done girls!

Special mention goes to Emily for 3 amazing goals which kept Stoneygate in the game!

Player of the Match and of the Day goes to Bea Rhodes for being a support to everyone in her team by making a huge effort be in a space and indicating she was free, good work Bea!

The B Team found Gt Bowden a tough challenge but nevertheless battled hard with their individual skills as well as trying to build passes together.  We saw a goal from Megan in the first half and from Erin in the second.  Mia, who hadn’t been well recently, had a tough time keeping warm and we missed her.

Ilona and Rebecca made changes to the marking of their opponent and this slowed down the Gt Bowden scoring.  The girls had a more successful second half.

Megan worked well around the shooting circle and her firm catch made a difference to the attacking play.  Erin is continuing to work on her shooting skills.  She works hard in training and the nerves in this match were more controlled. Well done for working hard until the very end B Team.

Special mention goes to Erin for trying to improve her shooting in a match situation.

Player of the match goes to Rebecca for her concentration in defence and working hard to improve her marking.

Mrs S. Frisby