U11B Girls Hockey

Team:  Amy (Captain), Gizella, Joanna, Evie, Millie P, Tasia, Hattie and Katie

Stoneygate 1, Witham 0

A good result for the girls today as Witham are always strong.

We had some particularly good ball skills from Millie in the first half and Joanna was strong in defence.  A clever pass from Millie to Evie, who scored, gave us a lead before half time.  Hattie worked really hard on the wing drawing the defenders away from the D.

We were a little lazy in the second half and the ball was often passed to the opposition rather than taking our time and scanning for safe passes.  Witham pressurised hard, but Gizella and Joanna defended well and Katie and Amy ran the ball down the wings creating space.  Tasia made an excellent save, giving us a win rather than a draw.

Players of the match:  Amy for always staying in position and for making the best pass of the day, Tasia for that brilliant save!

Special mention:  Hattie for excellent ball skills today

Well played everyone.

Mrs Ward


U11B Girls Hockey

Team:  Amy, Joanna, Gizella, Evie, Millie P, Tasia, Polly and Liana

Stoneygate 4, Grace Dieu 1

Yesterday the girls played against Grace Dieu.   During the first half most of the attacking play was by the Stoneygate girls and Millie, Evie, Polly and Amy pressurised hard with a great goal from Millie off a big hit.  The goalie didn’t stand a chance!

During the second half the girls scanned and passed more creating space and two goals from Evie.  Joanna was superb in defence and had a cracking second half as left mid where she took the ball all the way down the wing and scored a very deserved goal.

Gizella and Liana both had good games in defence and Tasia saved a couple of very good shots.

Players of the match:  Joanna and Millie

Special Mention:  Evie for great passing, creating space and goal scoring opportunities

Well played girls.

Mrs Ward

U11B Girls Hockey


Gizella, Joanna, Amy, Evie, Polly (Captain), Tasia and Millie

The U11 girls travelled to Wellingborough today for what we knew would be one of our toughest matches.  Stoneygate took control of the game from the beginning, working well as a team and holding their positions, on a pitch that was much bigger than they are used to.  Evie scored a cracking goal early on and Amy followed with a goal which she worked hard for.

During the second half Millie was unlucky not to score on several occasions and Polly had a very good shot saved by the Wellingborough goal keeper.  Evie worked tirelessly at the top of the D and scored another goal for Stoneygate and Millie worked hard at finding space and attacking the goal.

Joanna and Gizella were very strong in defence, giving Wellingborough few chances to shoot, and at sending the ball back to our midfield players.  Wellingborough did have a couple of good shots which were saved by Tasia who was cast iron in goal.

Final score – Stoneygate 3, Wellingborough 0

Player of the match – Evie

A really good win today girls, very well done.

Mrs Ward

U11 Girls Hockey

U11A v Stamford

The girls had a slow start in this match and were down 3-0 half way through the first half.  However, after some position changes and some much more lively play they held their own for the rest of the first half.  During the second half we were very much in the game and it became a well fought match.  We used the wings much better and scanned for space and passes.

Millie L had a great run down the right wing and made a good pass to Daisy who nearly scored.  Katie had a great game as centre forward, working hard to move into space and take the ball into the D.  Millie P was chosen by the Stamford girls as player of the match, which was well deserved.

Final score Stamford 4, Stoneygate 0

U11B v Stamford

In our lesson prior to this match we worked on using the wings, scanning and passing safely.  The girls used what they had learnt to their benefit and were strong and confident throughout this match.  Polly(Captain) played the best hockey I have seen her play to date, with some excellent runs down the wing and passes into Evie and Millie.  Gizella and Joanna were strong in defence and Evie and Millie worked well in the centre.  Annie enjoyed playing in the centre and Amy had a cracking game as right mid, scoring two of the 4 goals.  Evie scored the other 2 goals and deserves a special mention for excellent ball control.

The player of the match chosen by Stamford was Gizella, for fantastic defending.

Final score Stoneygate 4, Stamford 0

Mrs Ward

U9 Girls Hockey v Leicester Grammar School

Thursday 8th October

Team:  Alice, Isobelle, Mia, Lea, Phoebe, Tabitha and Daisy

Stoneygate made a fast and furious start in this game and Alice scored 3 goals in the first third.  Isobelle was very strong in the middle of the pitch and made some great tackles.  Alice could not be stopped by any of the opposition and went on to score a further 4 goals.  Phoebe was strong in defence pushing the ball back up the pitch and Lea and Mia used their wings well.

During the final third we moved Daisy and Tabitha into attacking positions and Isobelle and Alice into defence.  Daisy attacked and defended with lots of determination and a great run down the wing by Mia and a pass into Tabitha, who scored gave us another goal.

Player of the match:  Alice

Final score:  Stoneygate 7 – Leicester Grammar 1

Mrs Ward

U10 Girls Hockey

Stoneygate u10 v Stamford u10

Team:  Amy(Captain), Tasia, Ivana, Gizella, Joanna, Evie and Millie

What a game!!

The Stoneygate girls made a good start with 2 goals from Evie and 1 from Joanna in the first half.  Stamford replied with 1, giving us a good lead at half time.  However, the visitors came back hard after half time with 2 early goals making the score 3 all.  Millie then scored followed by another goal from Stamford.  4 all with five minutes to go!  Evie scored a super goal just before the final whistle to win the match.

Well played to all the girls and a special mention to Amy who made some fantastic saves in goal.

Final score:  Stoneygate 5, Stamford 4

Mrs Ward

U11 Girls Hockey

The u11 girls have made an excellent start with their hockey this term.

U11A v Oakham U12E   –     Stoneygate 9, Oakham 1     The players of the match were Eleanor for fabulous goal keeping and Tallulah for scoring 5 of the goals.

U11A v Maidwell U11A  –    Stoneygate 3, Maidwell 0      The player of the match was Katie for brilliant defence work, keeping the ball out of the D, pushing the ball back up the pitch and excellent backing up.

U11B v Maidwell U11B  –    Stoneygate 1, Maidwell 0     The player of the match was Millie P and she was chosen by the Maidwell girls.  Well done Millie.

Well done everybody.

U’10 Hockey v Wellingborough (A)

The U10s played their third match v Wellingborough on 12th March. We have watched both sides improve enormously since our first game against this team in September. Much has been gained from playing this talented Wellingborough side, who have been coached very well. It is also a treat to go and play on their huge pitches where both teams are able to strike the ball hard and use the space for long passes.
Stoneygate had previously beaten Wellingborough twice but both matches were evenly matched and the scores close.

As the weather was beautiful (we had a blizzard last time we met!) we decided to play three periods of 12mins, giving us time for all eleven Stoneygate girls to play. Everyone played well! Some played their best hockey all season! Rebecca and Megan shared the GK duties and both kicked well. Jess, Annabelle and Beattie were in defence and Emily played well in defence and midfield. Our midfield players, Bea (Capt.), Ilona, Jasmine were moving well between defence and attack and fought for everything and Izzy made threatening surges towards goal.

The score this time was 2-2, a very fair result from this fast and entertaining game. Excellent play by both teams. Both Stoneygate goals were scored in the middle third, by Captain Bea and Jasmine, two well struck hits.

Special mentions go to Ilona, at right midfield, who had her most impressive game so far this season. Wow! Also to Annabelle for her well timed tackling of the ball in defence, often saving an attack by the opposition.

Player of the day goes to Emily for playing well in midfield and then coping with a switch to defence where she denied attacks from the Wellingborough forwards on several occasions, excellent.

Mrs S. Frisby

U’10 Hockey v Wellingborough (H)

U’10 HOCKEY – STONEYGATE 3 V WELLINGBOROUGH 2 – Wednesday 15th January 2014

The U’10 girls’ hockey team began 2014 with a super win v Wellingborough at SS on a warm January afternoon.
There were changes from last term – our excellent GK, Megan, started to learn her new role as a defender and made way for our new GK recruit, Rebecca.

Going into this game our main aim was finishing the attack, with shots at goal! This clearly worked as Bea netted an early goal and startled the opposition. Wellingborough had some strong girls with sharp stick work and their GK is a 1st team, out of school club player, so to get an early goal was important. Stoneygate were positive, feisty and very determined. All-round team support gave Bea the goal opportunity which she took with real style. Stoneygate settled quickly and were ready to go further!

The girls defended well, chasing the ball and moving onto the attackers. Jess had an excellent game, often being the last line of defence and winning the ball from the tackle. Her free hits were stunning and one of her side line hits went from defence then directly into the shooting circle, fantastic! Megan showed some strong stick work and she cleared the ball well. More experience out on the pitch will bring confidence for Megan. Anabelle excelled at her ‘floating’ role as defender/midfield and got the team out of trouble several times, great work! She played an intelligent game too. Rebecca had a brave and solid game at GK, kicking well and making saves. A super, confident start Rebecca, well done!

Just before half time Wellingborough sneaked the equaliser, so all to play for in the 2nd half.

Both teams came out keen to score and the ball moved quickly from end to end. Jasmine showed very determined play and super reverse stick skills. Her confidence was good as was her concentration and focus on her role in the game, a brilliant game by Jasmine. She worked hard in the shooting circle and deserved her goal! Emily’s approach to the ball was much improved, as was her stick work and her ability to progress around the defender. She showed determination when trying to win the ball and her awareness of play around her was excellent. She plays an intelligent midfield role. Ilona was able to keep better possession of the ball in this game and used her good dribbling skills to progress the ball to her team mates. She had the confidence to take it into the shooting circle and was so unlucky to just miss scoring. Good work today Ilona!

Bea and Izzy continued their strong link in attack and they worked well together on the approach and in the goal circle. Bea played a valuable Captain’s role, encouraging her players and being a good role model, working hard. She strikes the ball with real force. Her high fitness level means she can be effective in both defence and attack. Her 2nd goal was very deserved. An excellent and skilful game from the Busy Bea! Izzy used her fast sprinting speed to gain possession and her progression of the ball towards goal was the best in the game. Her reverse stick skills were excellent and she ‘whipped’ past defenders. She is aware of players around her and this makes her a valuable team player. Izzy just missed out on a goal when it struck the post.

A positive, confident and exciting game by the U’10s with huge individual improvements from everyone. Well done girls!
Special mentions go to Izzy and Jasmine and Player of the Match goes to Bea.

Mrs S. Frisby

20th November 2013 – Under 10 Hockey v Grace Dieu (A)

Result: Stoneygate 2  v  Grace Dieu 0

Emily, Jessica, Elizabeth, Annabelle,  Beatrice.R. (Captain), Beatrice. B., Megan,    Ilona, Erin, Rebecca and Jasmine 

The U’10s made the long journey to Grace Dieu, on a cold and wet afternoon, but the girls were bursting to play their first hockey match of the season.

It came as a surprise that we were to play on grass!  This was a new experience to most and during the warm up the U’10s realised that this changed their game completely.  However they adapted very well!

Stoneygate dominated the play of this game and in the times that Grace Dieu had the ball, there always seemed to be a Stoneygate player lurking to win it back!  Bea Rhodes, our super fit new Captain, was particularly good at this. Bea covered more of the hockey pitch than anyone and wherever the ball was, Bea was.  On several occasions she sprinted from attack to defence, won the ball and sprinted all the way back to attack, with the ball!  Brilliant, you had a super game Captain Bea.

Izzy played as a strong centre forward throughout the whole game and ran hard across the large pitch, linking well with players, supporting everywhere and demonstrating some excellent stick work. Another very fit player! Well played Izzy.

Emily (playing in her first ever hockey match!!) settled quickly into this new game and she was a reliable defender/midfielder.  She played assertively, using confident stick work and was always aware of players around her.  Emily is a hockey player to watch!

Megan, our very alert GK made some important saves at crucial times.  She stopped the ball well with ‘V’ feet and kicked with all her effort to send the ball clear.  The team felt well supported by such a reliable keeper.  Well done Megan.

Our defending was good and Rebecca, Annabelle, Beattie and Erin approached the attacking ball well and were able to progress it towards our attacking end.  They learnt when to come away from defence and push up to the half way line, adding support to our attacking players.  Hit outs were struck well too.

Jess, Jasmine, Ilona and Rebecca judged their positional play well in midfield.  Jasmine used her high level of fitness to cover lots of space and was particularly good at chasing back to regain the ball.  Jess, who does need to calm her attacking stick work, is a strong defender who doesn’t give in when trying to win the ball.  Ilona’s best part of her game is her dribbling skill where she shows super ball control.  Rebecca showed her strong hit and push at free hits and gained some important ground for her team.

Special mention goes to Megan at GK for having a positive attitude, super concentration and skill!

Player of the Match goes to Bea Rhodes for being an excellent Captain, with just the right attitude, and for being the best overall player on the pitch! Wow what a game!


Mrs S. Frisby