Music and Drama Courses at Uppingham for Summer 2015

I have been sent some information about the Uppingham Summer School and there are some very exciting courses. These are open to both residential and non-residential students. Summer schools are a great opportunity to expand skills, have new experiences, make friends and keep up good musical practice over the long summer holiday. Please see the website for more details:

  • 24 – 26 July: Chamber Music Weekend for advanced strings players and pianists (£190/£270)
  • 27 – 31 July: Young Musicians’ Week for 6 to 10 year old orchestral musicians (£320/£510)
  • 27 – 31 July: Jazz Big Band Week for musicians grade 5 – 8 standard (£345/£535)
  • 3 – 7 August: Total Music Powerhouse rock school for 11 to 18 year olds (£345/£535)
  • 3 – 7 August: Musical Theatre Week brings the West End to Uppingham (£320/£510)
  • 10 – 14 August: From Page to Stage drama week (£320/£510)

Mrs Ashwin

Senior Choir at Uppingham with Dominic Peckham

On Thursday 9 October, Senior Choir made the trip to Uppingham School for their biennial Directors of Music INSET Day. The idea was that Stoneygate School’s Senior Choir would be used as a demonstration choir by the internationally renowned conductor, Dominic Peckham.

It was a very interesting and enjoyable session. The choir had been briefed that they might be asked to do some strange and odd things, but a totally wordless 15 minutes was not what I had been thinking of! The choir reacted superbly and showed wonderful concentration. There was a lot of focus and pulse/rhythm work before (silently) Will Mc and Harriet G were invited to come to the front and lead the rhythms. They were good sports!

2014-10-09 09.43.50

The rows were then abandoned as the choir formed a very large circle and discussed why we sing and how we sing. The final part involved learning Azikatale, a South African song, beat-boxing and singing a mash-up!

2014-10-09 10.39.11

The choir were praised for their general demeanour, enthusiasm and rhythmic ability. Dominic Peckham really enjoyed working with everyone. From my perspective, it was a great opportunity to see someone totally new lead the choir and reflect on what I do and why. I was very proud of them and look forward to developing new ideas.

Mrs Ashwin

Boys & Girls Squash Match v Uppingham U14s (A) – Sunday 1st December

This match has become a regular fixture each term and a most enjoyable one too! It is very well supported by our parents and a great opportunity for them to watch their children play as it is on a Sunday. Along with the usual boys team, Uppingham managed to field 3 girls this time which was fantastic for Stoneygate as we struggle to get any girls fixtures. Even though we were quite a bit younger than the Uppingham players we did ourselves proud!
All of our players had 3 matches during the afternoon so lots of squash was played. Making their debuts for the school squash team were Edward, who won 2 of his 3 matches, Freddie, who won all 3 of hers, Sophie, who won 2 out of 3 and Charlotte, who did extremely well to win 1 match and very narrowly lost another whilst suffering from a very nasty sore throat.Our team and their results were as follows:

1. Sam A – W3-0, W3-0, W1-0
2. Sam N     – W3-0, L1-2, W1-0
3. Miles – L1-2, W3-0, W1-0
4. Archie – W3-0, L1-2, W1-0
5. Max   – W2-1, W3-0, W1-0
6. Edward – W2-1, L1-2, W1-0

1. Freddie – W3-0, W3-0, W1-0
2. Sophie  – W2-1, L1-2, W1-0
3. Charlotte – W3-0, L1-2, L0-1

Overall Result : Stoneygate won 20 matches to 7

Congratulations to everyone who took part from both teams for providing some exciting squash to watch that was played in an extremely good spirit.

Below is a picture of 2 exhausted teams after a fantastic afternoons squash!