U11A Rounders v Witham Hall

Girls U11A Rounders v Witham Hall
On Wednesday 25th June – Away

On Wednesday the 25th June 2014 the U11 A team played against Witham Hall, away. We won the toss and chose to field first. Witham were good hitters and they could all hit the ball very far. Unfortunately we all seemed quite nervous and Witham managed to score a lot of rounders. Molly did an amazing catch and by the end of the first innings Witham had scored 8 rounders. Our turn came to bat and Witham managed to get a lot of us out at first post. Pippa scored a tremendous 2 ½ rounders and Molly scored an excellent 2 rounders. Witham fielded very well and at the end of the innings we had scored 6 ½ rounders. It was our turn to field again and everybody felt more confident. Freya and Ellie both got a superb catch. We tried hard but Witham were still that bit better. Unfortunately Witham scored another 8 rounders scoring 16 in total. It was the last innings and we were batting. We all knew we needed a lot of rounders to catch up with them. Molly scored another great 2 ½ rounders. Unfortunately Witham got most of us out so with 5 balls still left there were only 2 girls left-Freya and Georgina. They made a good effort but just couldn’t get round in time. We scored 4 ½ rounders scoring 11 in total. Witham were an outstanding team and we weren’t quite up to their standard. However our team made a great effort despite having one man down-Jojo but in the end the score was 16-11 to Witham. Well done to the whole team. The team was Molly J, Gracie F, Eleanor B, Freya A, Eloise F, Pippa N, Antonia V and Georgina T (captain).

Georgina T

Rounders match

U13 B Rounders match – Wed May 30th

Stoneygate v Bilton Grange

Score: Stoneygate 5 1/2      Bilton  11

Player of the match: Sophie Ellis (backstop) for her quick reactions and good tactical awareness.

Special mention: Charlotte Newberry(bowler) for scoring some good rounders and taking the catch of the match!

The Stoneygate girls took a while to get warmed up and allowed Bilton to score some easy rounders in the first half (score 1-7). However they played with more focus in the second half and managed to score 4 1/2 rounders but Bilton managed to keep the lead to finally win the match 5 1/2 – 11.

Mrs Jelly

U11A Rounders v Bilton Grange

U11A Rounders v Bilton Grange

On Wednesday 30th April 2014 the U11 A team played rounders away against Bilton Grange. We won the toss and chose to field first. Bilton Grange were strong hitters but our fielding was sharp and we got lots of them out on their first bat. Gracie did a superb catch and by the first innings they scored 1 ½ rounders. Our turn came to bat and unfortunately Gracie and Pippa both got caught out on their first go. Ellie scored a tremendous rounder in the first inning making the score 5-1 ½ to us. It was their turn to bat again and they were much more cautious this time. We still got a few of them out on their first go. They scored 2 ½ rounders this time making the score 5-4 to us and an innings. We could relax much more when our turn came to bat again but still needed to score as many rounders as possible. Unfortunately Antonia got stumped out on her first go. On our last go each we all tried to get a rounder and scored 5 rounders. The final score was 10-4 to us! The team was Gracie Fraser, Georgina Tyler (captain), Antonia Veary, Molly Johnson, Francesca Ellis, Josephine Chawner, Freya Astill, Eleanor Benson and Pippa Neal. Well done to the whole team!

Match report by Georgina Tyler (Capt.)

Special mention to Eleanor Benson for great batting and superb fielding in the deep.

Player of the Match – Gracie Fraser for her amazing bowling. She didn’t give a single 1/2 rounder away for no balls. An incredible achievement for her first match of the season.