Miss Finn becomes Mrs Hunt.

On Saturday 3rd September Miss Finn celebrated her wedding to Mr James Hunt at St James the Greater Church. Despite the rainy day the ceremony was beautiful with some lovely hymns and a choir. The children from 2JV ( last term) had made the bride a fantastic good luck charm which she wore on the day. The couple then went on to celebrate at their reception,held at Brooksby Hall,where the weather had improved, enabling some lovely photos to be taken in the beautiful surroundings. Later that evening many of her Stoneygate friends joined her to dance the night away!

Good luck for your future together Mr and Mrs Hunt.

Our Imaginary Trip to China

We started our very exciting trip to China by making sure we had our passports and tickets to hand.  We flew with Stoneygate Airways and had wonderful service on the plane.  We were served delicious food by the flight attendants and the pilots made sure we had a safe flight.


Once in China we walked along the Great Wall of China.



Took the bullet train to see the pandas.


Then we joined in an authentic dragon dance and had the opportunity to watch a very scary lion dance.


Finally we enjoyed some tasty Chinese food and tried hard to master eating with chopsticks.




Keep an eye on your letter boxes as your postcard from China is on its way.

Join us for Aftercare


Aftercare is available daily from 3:15pm-5:20pm for Reception-Year 3.

Come and join us for


*Computer games



*Board games

*TV/DVD time

*Decorating cakes/biscuits

*Outside play

Reading /Homework is included. Tea is served at 4:15pm

Book in advance or if you are running late ring before 3pm on the day.

For more details please see Miss Finn (Year 2) or Miss Rimington  (Year1)

Winter Fun

We have had lots of fun and enjoyed our winter activities.

We sponged a wintery background using cold colours and blew runny brown paint across the paper to create bare winter trees.



Squelching in the mud and creating muddy boot prints was messy but great fun!




We adapted the Bear Hunt story and went on a hibernating hedgehog hunt instead.  We had a hot chocolate to keep us warm on our adventure.  We found frosty tennis courts which looked like a frozen lake, bare winter trees in the forest, snowdrops growing around the wood and finally a hedgehog hibernating amongst the fallen leaves.



We used a block of ice which was very cold and experimented with salt and hot water to see which melted it the fastest.  The salt made the ice crackle loudly but the hot water melted the ice more quickly but quietly.




We used our cutting skills to make snowflakes out of paper and decorated our classroom with them to give it a wintery feel.




In ICT we used the Google search engine to find winter pictures and chose our favourite  scene to print off.




To finish our Winter topic the children created melting snowmen on biscuits using runny icing and marshmallows. They were delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!




Festivals of Light activities and celebrations in Reception.

Over the last two weeks the Reception children have been busy learning about Bonfire night and Diwali and have enjoyed the many activities linked to this topic.

They have created 3D rockets by making cylinder and cone shapes out of card.

P1200716 P1200719

Used different media to create firework pictures.

P1200723~P1200758  P1200766 P1200727

Made tasty chocolate apples.


And joined in a Diwali party of dancing, games, activities and food tasting.

P1200841 P1200843 P1200877 P1200832 P1200831

A huge thank you to Gursharn’s mum for supplying the delicious food and gorgeous outfits. A fun time was had by all!

Reception Go on a Bear Hunt!



We’re going on a bear hunt!



The Bear!



Under the covers, safe and sound!


P1200530DSCN0886 (2)



The snow storm.

P1200516DSCN0875 (2)

P1200534 (2)

Picnic time!


The Reception children had great fun hunting for the bear at Carisbrooke Road Arboretum. They acted out the story in the lovely surrounds of the Arboretum on a gorgeous autumn day. The children took turns following the map to hunt down the bear and were rewarded by a glimpse of a small bear in his cave. However, we soon had to make a run for it as we had disturbed Daddy bear and heard him roaring in the undergrowth. We had fun exploring different activities and put our creations together to retell the story.