Year 3 Netball

Today the Year 3 girls had their first netball matches which were at home against Stamford.

We had 3 teams and the captains were Poppy, Karan and Beatrice – well done to them.

Poppy’s team            Stoneygate 1, Stamford 2          Goals – Lyla – 1       Player of the match – Poppy

Karan’s team            Stoneygate 2, Stamford 0.          Goals – Imara – 2    Player of the match – Shonali

Beatrice’s team         Stoneygate 5, Stamford 0.          Goals – Isabella H – 4, Darcy – 1                                        Player of the match – Isabella H

All the girls played well and Mrs Cave and I were particularly pleased with how they moved round the court to find space, used their chest and shoulder passes and defended their opposition.

A fantastic start to the season girls, very well done and keep up the hard work.

Mrs Ward

U11B Netball v Grantham

U11B Netball v Grantham

Wednesday 14th October

Team:  Annie, Eleanor, Gizella, Tasia, Ivana, Evie, Joanna, Amy and Millie(Captain)

Although this is the Hockey term, we had one netball fixture against Grantham last week, as they only play netball.  The girls had just one practice but went into the match with confidence and determination.

It was quite clear after a very strong first quarter from the Stoneygate girls with 4 goals from Amy, 2 from Evie and strong defensive work from Millie and Joanna that we were going to have to move everybody out of position to make a game of it.   Annie played well at WA and then WD and Joanna had a great second half as GA scoring 4 goals.  Evie went on to score a further 3 and Amy a further 5 goals.  Gizella and Tasia both had good games in defence, intercepting well and Eleanor had a cracking second half as centre.  Ivana had a particularly busy second half and was also fabulous in defence.

Grantham chose Millie as their player of the match, which was well deserved due to some very fast accurate passing.  Evie deserves a special mention for her movement round the court, reading the game so well and some great interceptions.  Special mention also to our brilliant shooters – Amy (8), Evie (5) and Joanna(4).

Final score:  Stoneygate 17, Grantham 5

Mrs Ward

U’10 Netball v Grantham

Team: Jasmine, Izzy, Jess, Emily, Megan, Annabelle, Beattie

Result: Stoneygate 20 v Grantham 22

On 2nd April the U’10 netball team made the long trip to Grantham Prep for their final match of the season.

The girls were prepared for a tough match as we had heard previously that Grantham were currently playing well, so an exciting game was expected.

From the first whistle it was clear that there was little between the two teams, each side looking very alert and playing smart netball.  Izzy and Jasmine were on good shooting form and in the first 1/4 they scored 5 goals to Grantham’s 3, a great start.  Emily, making an appearance at C, in Bea’s absence, settled quickly to the delivery of the centre pass and she chose precisely the correct moment to release the ball.  This important C position was a chance for Emily to show her high fitness level and her ability to adapt to a new position in the team, both of which she did superbly.

The 2nd 1/4 saw Grantham catch up a little as they settled into their game.  However their strong defenders had to work hard to stop Izzy and Jasmine, both girls moving so well in the shooting third with precise dodging and changes of direction. Izzy displayed her usual athleticism and was rightly noticed by the Grantham teacher, well done Izzy! Jasmine slowed down her shots at goal and this brought her success, great! Stoneygate scored a further 5 goals to Grantham’s 6, the score at this point 10-9 to Stoneygate.  The pressure was building and both teams wanted the win!  Megan battled well at WA against a tough WD but she was able to place some strong and important passes into the shooters.  Well done Megan, you worked so hard in this match.  The defending trio of Jess, Annabelle and Beattie were pouncing on any loose passes,  working together to rescue the ball and return it to the attack. Both Annabelle and Beattie’s marking of the shot was excellent and the Grantham shooters were having a difficult time. These two girls have developed into such skilful defenders in the shooting circle.

The 3rd 1/4 began and the game could now have gone any way!  A few nerves were tested, from both teams, and the spectators (and umpires!) could feel the atmosphere mounting. Stoneygate switched Megan and Jess around, both girls quite capable but this change was a better match against the opposing girls. The ball was passed quickly from one end to the other and interceptions were being made in every part of the court, both teams so keen to win the ball and deliver it to their own attack. The game was now a real spectacle of netball, a treat to watch and Stoneygate produced some of their best netball of the season, wow!  The 1/4 end 16-16…..ooooh!  The team talk was difficult as the excitement had taken over – what a fantastic game this was.

The final quarter!! The Grantham centre pass was foiled by Annabelle – the perfect start and a brilliant tip by Annabelle, Izzy sank the distant goal superbly and Stoneygate led 17-16! It was then several minutes before a further goal was scored, all players working their hardest to mark closely and the ball was intercepted or tipped continually by both teams.  Grantham then produced 2 quick goals, their team working tightly together. Stoneygate fought back and some sharp play and passes between Annabelle, Emily, Jess and Izzy turned the game momentarily.  In defence Beattie scooped up 3! important balls, super! With around 5 minutes remaining, Stoneygate scored a further 3 goals but Grantham netted 4! The final score 22-20 to Grantham.  A fantastic match filled with skilful, fast and feisty netball, excellent!

Special mentions go to Beattie – a strong game by her at GK and to Jess for her quick thinking and precise passes into the shooters.

Player of the match goes to Annabelle for her excellent game at GD, not only in the shooting circle but also the vital support she gave in the centre third, well done! (Trophy to be presented after Easter Annabelle)

Mrs S. Frisby

U12B netball v Oakham U12C

Girls U12B Netball v Oakham U12C team
On Wednesday 26th March – Away

Team: Hattie G (Capt.), Charlotte W, Charlotte N, Maddie C-S, Rakhi N and Caitlin G.

Unfortunately, we were one player short due to injuries and the fact that every girl in the Senior school (Years 5-8) were playing in matches today, so there were no spares. Rather than cancel the fixture, we borrowed a player from Oakham.

Having won the toss, we elected to have the first centre pass. Oakham began strongly taking an early lead but we soon equalised. Towards the end of the quarter, Oakham scored twice, giving them a 3-1 lead.

The second quarter saw our best performance. Maddie kept her concentration making some superb interceptions and linking the play very well. She made numerous accurate passes straight to our shooters under pressure. Both of the Charlottes worked hard against fairly tall opposition. This was quite an even quarter with Oakham scoring four goals to our three.

In the third and final quarters several of our players began to tire a little and our performance suffered. Caitlin and Rakhi took most of the opportunities that they were given to score but at the other end of the court, Hattie, in defence, struggled alone to prevent Oakham from scoring. Our borrowed player was playing Goal Keeper for us but I’m sure her heart wasn’t quite in the game (as you would expect when playing against your own team!).

Final score: Stoneygate lost 6-21

Special mention to Charlotte W for her consistent hard work.

Player of the match: Maddie whose fitness and agility about the court made a significant difference.

C. Abbott

U’10 Netball v Grace Dieu (A)

Team: Jasmine, Izzy (Captain), Emily, Bea, Megan, Annabelle, Beattie
Result: Stoneygate 21 v Grace Dieu 1

This was a very one-sided game with Grace Dieu not able to compete with the Stoneygate netballers. However it was good to see that Grace Dieu enjoyed playing and it gave them the chance to gain further experience.

By half time the score was 11 – 1 to Stoneygate so at this point, to aim for a challenge and to keep our level of concentration, we changed the whole team round so that everyone was out of their familiar and comfortable position. It boosted the girls’ thinking and each player then had a target. It was very interesting to see the girls cope with this and at the same time maintain their level of play. They proved that ‘a good netballer can play anywhere’, as the coach’s saying goes! The second half also showed what a supportive team this group are, with everyone working hard for each other.

Stoneygate’s score continued to rise and the girls did themselves proud. Well done everyone, a super score of 21 – 1, with some stylish netball.

Mrs S. Frisby

U13/12 Girls netball v Ratcliffe

U13/12 girls netball v Ratcliffe – Wednesday 12th March – Away

We were due to play U13A, U12A and U12B netball at Ratcliffe but after a change of start times (from 2.30 – 4.40) quite a few girls were unavailable due to after school commitments. With only fifteen girls playing we were only able to field two teams and these were a little mixed.

Amber (who captained the side very well), Annie R, Kezia, Sophie, Rakhi, Charlotte N, Caitlin and Hattie G played against the Ratcliffe U12 team who were extremely competent. We struggled from the start to break down the fluent, very quick passes from Ratcliffe. Annie worked extremely hard trying to link the play in centre court but found it hard as the opposition were so tall. Caitlin showed great improvement in her movement and passes. Hattie worked very hard, trying to keep the ball from their shooters but tired a little towards the end. Amber defended well using her height to intercept.Sophie and Kezia converted most of the opportunities that they were given but unfortunately there weren’t a lot of them. Overall we found it difficult to cope with the fast pace of the game that Ratcliffe played but in true Stoneygate fashion we didn’t give up!

Player of the match goes to Annie for her resilience on court and the fact that she gave 100% constantly.

Final score: 18-6 to Ratcliffe

C. Abbott