Year 1 hoping to make it onto Dragon’s Den

Following on from our topic on famous people,Year 1 became inventors at half-term. They had to design and make something that would be useful to them or their friends.

Tristan-Morning robot dog.                                  Priyana-Besty bot.

Eva-Super soaking snake.                                      Seva- Go bottle.

Ophelia-Budgie training gym.                              Griffin-Bionic swimming machine.

Josh-Dogbot 1000.                                                    Catherine-Water-matic.

Taran-Intergrated toothbrush/paste.                 Barney- Super bouncing shoes.

Scarlett-Hamster toilet.                                           Rosie-Cello fairies welcome box.

Woody -Bouncy boots.                                              Bela- Teleporter.

Wow what fantastic designs……..remember us when you are famous!!!

Year 1 Experiment

We have been learning about ‘Living long, living strong’.

We have looked at healthy foods, exercise, internal organs and teeth. As part of this we decided to conduct an experiment-to see what the sugar and colourings in cola would do to a tooth.

Bowen (Year 2) kindly donated a tooth which we left in the cola over half -term. Yuk! Look what it looked like when we returned.

We were shocked to learn that in a small bottle of cola there were 53 grams or 13 teaspoons of sugar!!!!

Year 1 News

As part of our famous people topic, we have been learning about Florence Nightingale.

We have enjoyed fact finding, watching a video about her life story, playing games and testing our knowledge with a quiz.

If you want to have another go at home, go to



It’s been a busy week for our caterpillars – they have all been changing into chrysalises… this space for the next change.

Year 1 News

This week we have been observing our caterpillars more closely, they have grown lots already.

On Wednesday Mike Major a R.N.L.I volunteer visited Year 1 to talk to us about the life of Grace Darling. We enjoyed learning about her heroic rescue and how her bravery has helped the RNLI today. We had the opportunity to play a quiz and dress up to act out the dramatic rescue.

Afterwards we were able to spend some pocket money buying items from the RNLI. The money raised from this,alongside a cheque donation from Stoneygate will go to this fantastic voluntary organisation.

Year One News


This term in Year 1 we are learning about Life Cycles and Famous People.

 This week we have been looking closely at the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

We enjoyed making her family tree, and a timeline of her life-it was quite tricky.

We are excited to have some creatures in our class too.

We will be looking at the life cycle of frogs and Painted Lady butterflies… this space!!!

Year 1 experience the Antarctic…..

…….from the comfort of the hall.

Many thanks to Dr Fletcher (Henry T’s grandpa), a marine biologist and lecturer, who kindly came in to talk to Year 1 about his exciting adventure to Antartica.

His fantastic journey was to enable him to study the brown seaweed that grows in the waters there. He shared  his amazing photo’s of the creatures he saw, including whales, seals and penguins. What an amazing experience.

Dr Fletcher encouraged us to save up our pocket money so that one day we might be able to take the same trip.