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Last week Tony Blair spoke of an impending ‘leadership crisis’ in Britain, where voters will have to choose between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson (there was no mention of Theresa May).  Although tempted to follow in Monsieur Macron’s steps and create a ‘Centrist Party’ for Britain, I’m quite happy to stay and lead Stoneygate!

At Stoneygate, we are continually looking for ways to improve student leadership; the three strands of STEP (Stoneygate Enrichment Programme) are: Business & Enterprise, World Perspectives and Leadership. Our eldest pupils and newly formed Prefect team will be experiencing leadership opportunities throughout the year.




Our new Prefect team…Rayhaan, Leroy, George & Rebecca

Communication skills are certainly important leadership qualities and I’ve witnessed plenty of that this week.  Thank you to Year 3 for delivering an informative and amusing assembly on Tuesday.  Inspired by Sara Varon’s book “New Shoes”…as a school and community we are hoping to support a local charity that re-cycles old shoes.


Year 3 delivering lines with clarity, confidence…and in costumes.

Thanks to Mrs Stocks who spoke to students this week about the importance of words.  Despite the thousands of words in the English language, we only use a small percentage.  As a school, we would like pupils to expand their vocabulary and therefore Mrs Stocks has introduced a ‘Word of the Week’.  The first one being one of my favourites…”somnambulist”.  Do ask your children if they know this word…if not, send them to me!

We encourage our children to lead by example.  We encourage positive behaviour both inside and outside the classroom.  We also develop leadership through sport.  I was fortunate enough to take the U10s to Fairfield this week…what an exciting match! Eight tries all, with examples of strong leadership and outstanding teamwork.  There have been some impressive sports results this week (please do check both the website and blogs)…with our U13 rugby teams successful at Oundle and our U11 girls (both A & B’s) triumphant at the Stamford School hockey festival.

Results & goal scorers (A):

Ratby A: 1 v 0 (Olivia)

Grantham A: 2 v 0 (Imara and Olivia)

Stamford A: 1 v 0 (Lyla)

Brooke A: 1 v 0 (Olivia)

Copthill A: 4 v 0 (Imara, Lyla, Olivia x 2)

Strategic planning and skills are also important leadership attributes; congratulations to Arav for his victory in the Leicestershire Junior chess championships last weekend.


Strategic brilliance and a sharp mind….Arav.

Stars of the Week:

Hannah (Rec)

Carrie (Y1)

Oscar (Y2)

Thank you to all the new parents who attended our ‘drinks and canapés’ evening and thank you to James Coles (Coles Nurseries) for speaking to our older pupils on the subject of growing and selling crops.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr J F Dobson