Boys squash v Stamford

Boys Squash v Stamford
On Monday 2nd March – Away

We travelled to play Stamford Senior School (their Year 9s). The standard was quite good, as the Stamford boys play squash regularly. As usual we had great strength in depth. Each player played against two opponents, playing ‘best of three games’ with each one. Max W had a great match playing up the order and was taken to a final game, but true to form he came back strongly and took the final game with ease. Philip W was pushed hard and enjoyed a very closely fought match with the Stamford No.2. Having taken the first game, he couldn’t quite maintain the pressure on his opponent as he lost the final two games but both were pretty close. Sam N also suffered at the hands of their No.2, losing by the same score. Sam A played well against a Year 10 player and recorded an easy victory. The following players also won both of their games: Will J, Miles J and Kipp A.

The results were as follows:

1. Sam A. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
2. Sam N. – Lost 1-2 and Lost 1-2
3. Philip W – Won 2-0 and Lost 1-2
4. Max W. – Won 2-1 and Won 2-0
5. Edward G. – Lost 1-2 and Lost 0-2
6. Will J. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
7. Miles J. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
8. Kipp A. – Won 2-0 and won 2-0
9. Matt B. – Won 2-0 and Lost 0-2

This was the last Squash fixture for this term and the last Stoneygate squash match for all the Year 8s (Sam A, Sam N, Kipp A, Edward G and Matt B). Most of these boys have represented the Stoneygate Squash team for many years and it will be sad to lose them. We have had another amazing season remaining unbeaten yet again. I hope all the Year 8s continue to play at their next schools with the same success. Well done everyone!

C. Abbott

Boys/girls squash v Uppingham

Boys/Girls Squash v Uppingham – Away

On Sunday 2nd March we played our twice yearly fixture against Uppingham which, as usual was a very friendly, closely fought match. Uppingham managed to raise three girls (two of whom were old Stoneygate pupils). All the Uppingham players were Year 9, which meant that they were at least a year older than our players, but most ranged from two to five years older. Two girls making their debuts for the team were Caitlin G and Gracie F and both acquitted themselves very well. Miles, as usual, went right to the wire in both of his matches as did Edward And Kipp. They all had particularly exciting games. Archie showed great maturity winning quite easily at No.3 Overall, everyone from both teams thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and thank you particularly to all the parents who came and supported.

The results were as follows:


1. Sam A – W3-0 & W3-0

2. Sam N – L1-2 & L 0-3

3. Archie G – W3-0 & W3-0

4. Miles J – L1-2 & L1-2

5. Edward G – L1-2 & L1-2

6. Max W – W3-0 & W3-0

7. Kipp A – W2-1 & W2-1

8. Matt B – L1-2 & W3-0


1. Charlotte W – W3-0 & W3-0

2. Caitlin G – W3-0 & W2-1

3. Gracie F – L 0-3 & L0-3

Overall result: Stoneygate won 13 – 9

C. Abbott




Boys squash match results

Boys Squash v Maidwell Hall
On Monday 3rd February
Played at Leicester Squash Club

We played this fixture last term with identical teams, although some players had changed positions within the teams. The match last term was extremely hard fought by both teams and the result was 3-3 for the U13s and the U11s so we were looking forward to another exciting fixture. In the U13s, Kipp made his team debut at No. 6 and showed real determination in his performance. His opponent was quite experienced and made Kipp work hard for every point. Kipp had to fight his way back on two occasions having been 0-1 and 1-2 down but he won the deciding game comfortably.

Both Will and Miles also fought back in their matches having been 1-2 down but their clever little drop shots proved too difficult for their opponents to read and they recorded excellent wins 3-2.

Phillip, who has deservedly moved up the order from No. 5 to No. 3, moved his opponent around the court very intelligently and served particularly well. Having lost the first game he took control and won in four games.

Our Nos 1 and 2, Sam A and Sam N both won convincingly, against quite powerful opposition.

The U11 fixture was a much tighter affair as a team, although the individual games were more clear cut. Both Archie and Max had easy wins at Nos 1 and 2. Matt and Patrick dug deep but just couldn’t overcome their opponents. At 5 and 6, Spike and Oli showed how much they have improved recently. Oli played some lovely serves that were just too good for his opponent to return and his court awareness was significantly better than last term, as he placed the ball far more accurately away from his opponent. Spike put the ball into the back corners well, preventing his opponent from putting him under pressure, he then finished the rally off nicely with a short ball.

1. Sam A Won 3-0
2. Sam N Won 3-1
3. Phillip Won 3-1
4. Will Won 3-2
5. Miles Won 3-2
6. Kipp Won 3-2

1. Archie Won 3-0
2. Max Won 3-0
3. Matt Lost 0-3
4. Patrick Lost 0-3
5. Spike Won 3-1
6. Oliver Won 3-1

I must make a special mention to both Charlotte and Patrick who marked more matches than anyone else, but to an extremely high standard with a very mature attitude. They both kept their concentration throughout, which is particularly important and Charlotte even stepped up to the mark doing an excellent job marking the U13’s No. 1s, making some difficult, but correct decisions. Very well played to everyone.


Boys & Girls Squash Match v Uppingham U14s (A) – Sunday 1st December

This match has become a regular fixture each term and a most enjoyable one too! It is very well supported by our parents and a great opportunity for them to watch their children play as it is on a Sunday. Along with the usual boys team, Uppingham managed to field 3 girls this time which was fantastic for Stoneygate as we struggle to get any girls fixtures. Even though we were quite a bit younger than the Uppingham players we did ourselves proud!
All of our players had 3 matches during the afternoon so lots of squash was played. Making their debuts for the school squash team were Edward, who won 2 of his 3 matches, Freddie, who won all 3 of hers, Sophie, who won 2 out of 3 and Charlotte, who did extremely well to win 1 match and very narrowly lost another whilst suffering from a very nasty sore throat.Our team and their results were as follows:

1. Sam A – W3-0, W3-0, W1-0
2. Sam N     – W3-0, L1-2, W1-0
3. Miles – L1-2, W3-0, W1-0
4. Archie – W3-0, L1-2, W1-0
5. Max   – W2-1, W3-0, W1-0
6. Edward – W2-1, L1-2, W1-0

1. Freddie – W3-0, W3-0, W1-0
2. Sophie  – W2-1, L1-2, W1-0
3. Charlotte – W3-0, L1-2, L0-1

Overall Result : Stoneygate won 20 matches to 7

Congratulations to everyone who took part from both teams for providing some exciting squash to watch that was played in an extremely good spirit.

Below is a picture of 2 exhausted teams after a fantastic afternoons squash!