Upcoming Arts Festival Music Auditions

The annual Arts Festival is coming up and we will soon be holding auditions for the music finalists. These auditions will be held for Year 3 – 8 in Mrs Ashwin’s music lessons on:

Monday 22 Feb for 3SP and 7MH

Wednesday 24 Feb for 3SR and 6DH

Thursday 3 March for 6MHo and 8FJ

Friday 4 March for 4EM, 4DS, 5PJ and 8DP

There are two categories: solo singing and solo instrumental.

We would like to encourage as many children to audition as possible – those who have individual music lessons and those who do not. Those who don’t have individual lessons could maybe play a recorder karate piece or keyboard piece learned in class or song learned in Junior Choir/Senior Choir.

The final will be held in the Hall on Tuesday 15 March in the morning, with Mr Peter Davis (Director of Music at Oakham School) as adjudicator.

Please encourage all pupils to think about this and prepare a piece/pieces to play. It is a real privilege to hear these auditions and a lovely opportunity for other members of the class to hear their friends play and sing.

Mrs Ashwin

Preparation for Music Performances in the Arts Festival

Preparation for the Arts Festival is underway and children in years 3 – 8 need to be making sure they have something ready to play in the auditions.

The classes for Arts Festival 2015 will be almost identical to 2014: solo singing and solo instrumental. Two finalists will be chosen from each year group to perform in the Hall on Tuesday 24 March.

Auditions will be held in Mrs Ashwin’s music lessons in the week beginning Monday 23 February. All pupils who are learning singing or an instrument either in or out of school will be expected to audition. This is a lovely opportunity for the pupils to hear their friends perform and a relatively informal way to gain performance experience.

Parents, please make sure that external music teachers know about this audition week. There is no minimum/maximum requirement for difficulty standard or timing and no theme. It is really about preparing and performing a piece that shows each musician at their best. I am happy to accompany in the audition, or not, as is best for each child. However, if a child would like accompaniment in the audition, they will need to bring the piano part to the audition.

I am really looking forward to hearing everyone perform. We have a huge amount of musical talent at Stoneygate School!

Mrs Ashwin

Arts Festival – a celebration of musical talent

We were treated to a fantastic display of musical talent yesterday at the Arts Festival, as musicians from Years 3 to 8 played and sang to a packed audience of pupils, staff and parents.

The breadth of talent was very impressive, and we heard music ranging from Beethoven to Bernstein, Mancini to Metallica.

Mr Archer adjudicated marvellously, and gave lots of positive feedback, as well as a few tips to help everybody play and sing even better in the future.

Sam A, who has recently taken his Grade 8 in both violin and clarinet, and has been awarded a music scholarship to Uppingham School, delighted us with a special exhibition performance of two very challenging and virtuosic pieces by Mozart and Schubert. We wish Sam well on his continuing musical journey.


Instrumental Awards:

Years 3 and 4:

  • Winner – Emma D, violin
  • Second Place – George A, electric guitar

Years 5 and 6:

  • Winner – Gracie F, flute
  • Second Place – Freya A, piano

Years 7 and 8:

  • Winner – Oliver T, piano
  • Second Place – Kezia K, ukulele


Singing Awards:

Years 3 and 4:

  • Winner – Hattie T
  • Second Place – Ivana P

Years 5 and 6:

  • Winner – Jessica S
  • Second Place – Siddharth B

Years 7 and 8:

  • Winner – Francesca J
  • Second Place – Charlotte W

Here are all of the other instrumental finalists – they should be proud of themselves:

  • Millie P – Year 3
  • Evie S – Year 3
  • Annabelle L – Year 5
  • Hugo F – Year 5
  • Felix B – Year 7
  • Harry M – Year 8

And here are all the of other singer finalists – they should be equally proud:

  • William W – Year 3
  • Liana B – Year 4
  • Caitlin M – Year 6
  • Josephine C – Year 6
  • Annie R – Year 7
  • Sam N – Year 7

Special mention should go to Annie R, who stepped in at the last minute to replace a singer with a sore throat.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who helped prepare the pupils for their performances. A huge thank you to Mr Ashwin for his piano accompaniment of the singers and a good number of the instrumental performances.

Mrs Ashwin

Performance Skills for Arts Festival

Music classes are focused on performance skills this week. We are considering the things that make a performance really stand out and ranking them in order of importance.


We are also watching extracts of performances on youtube and considering how they could be improved in terms of performance skills. This work is all about preparations for the Arts Festival. Auditions for the music section of the Arts Festival will take place in music lessons next week (week beginning 3 March) and are an important part of the festival. Please make sure that your child remembers their instrument (if portable) and music and gets lots of preparation done this week.

The Arts Festival auditions are a great chance for all pupils from Year 3 upwards who are having instrumental and/or vocal lessons in or out of school to demonstrate how they are getting on and share their music with the rest of the class.

Mrs Ashwin