Leicestershire and Rutland County Games Championships

IMG_3873 A team of Stoneygate year 3 and 4 children won the area athletics competition on Monday and qualified to be part of the Harborough and Blaby team at the County Championships on Wednesday.  This was a huge and very exciting event with nearly 1,000 competitors, opening and closing ceremonies and a talk by an Olympian.  The Stoneygate children competed in the quad kids athletics and each child took part in a sprint race, 400m race, howler throw and long jump. Stoneygate came 3rd in the athletics and the Harborough and Blaby team won the overall County Championships.

The team were:  Evie, Ivana, Amy, Alice, Harris, Freddie, Will and Harry T

Congratulations and well done to them all.

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Stoneygate v Wellingborough

The year 4 girls had their last rounders match against Wellingborough yesterday.

The team: Eliza(Captain), Millie, Gizella, Joanna, Ivana, Amy, Tasia, Evie and Alice    (yr 3).

The girls chose Eliza as Captain as it was their last match together and Eliza was delighted.  Stoneygate batted first and scored 4.5 rounders in the first innings.  Wellingborough managed to just score 2 when they came in to bat due to some tight fielding from Amy and Joanna.

During the second innings Stoneygate scored a further 10 rounders, with full rounders from Evie (3), Millie (2) and Ivana (1).  It was a big score to chase but Wellingborough went for it scoring 8 rounders from some excellent batting.

Final Score:  Stoneygate 14.5, Wellingborough 11

Player of the match (chosen by the Wellingborough girls for her fabulous bowling and batting)  – Millie

Well played everybody.

Mrs Ward


Cricket Tour – Yorkshire – The Cricket

IMAG0476Last week Stoneygate took a team of Year 8 boys and Archie G on cricket tour to Yorkshire. Days 1 and 3 were the cricket match days and day 2 was a day of outdoor activities.  Sadly our cricket match at Casterton Prep School was cancelled due to rain, but our match against Cundall Manor School, just North of York, certainly made up for it.

The team:  Tej (Captain), George, Phillip, Archie, Pip, Miles, Spencer, Seb and Patrick.

Cundall Manor won the toss and decided to bat first.  Their first two pairs batted well and the scoreboard was looking very favourable for them until George came in to bowl and took 3 wickets off one over.  He went on to take 2 further wickets and received the match ball.  Phillip was fabulous in the field, catching 3 people out, one of which was an awesome catch.  Miles fielded well, Pip bowled well and Tej was strong as wicket keeper.

Stoneygate were chasing 312 which was certainly achievable.  The first pair faced a good pace bowler from Cundall and sadly lost 4 wickets, which put the pressure on somewhat.  Philip and Spencer held their own only losing 2 wickets with Phillip batting beautifully and finding the boundary.  Archie and George came in with quite a task and could not afford to lose any further wickets.  Steadily and carefully they knocked out the runs with plenty of boundaries and 312 was looking achievable again for our last pair, Seb and Patrick.  The Cundall boys were very sharp in the field and the match was to be decided on the last ball!!  Seb was facing and needed 4 to draw or a 6 to win.  He went for the win and hit the ball high into the air.  It looked like Stoneygate had won, but a Cundall fielder caught the ball right on the boundary!  A very exciting match and well played to all the boys.

A huge thank you to Cundall Manor School who were extremely hospitable.

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U10 Rounders v Laxton

On Wednesday 20th May the U10’s played away at Laxton.

The score was 21.5 to Laxton and 18.5 to Stoneygate.

Laxton were good at fielding and batting so we had to focus.  Everybody tried really hard to get them out.  Milly played really well.  Hattie had a good game at backstop and Daisy was consistent at batting and fielding getting many players out.  We played well as a team and it was a close match.

Special mention goes to Milly B and Hattie.

Player of the match goes to Daisy.

The team:  Jemima (Captain), Milly B, Hattie, Daisy, Tallulah, Katie, Polly, Millie L, Eleanor and Annie.



U10 Girls Rounders

Stoneygate v Wellingborough

Wednesdays match against Wellingborough was a tough one.  All the U10 Stoneygate girls played against a strong Wellingborough A team.  During the first innings Wellingborough batted first and scored a very impressive 13 rounders with some excellent big hits leaving Stoneygate in disarray in the field.  Special mention should go to Millie B, Katie and Daisy who caught 3 people out. We responded with 8 rounders, 3 from Millie B, 3 from Hattie, 1.5 from Daisy and half from Annie.

We went into the second innings aiming to improve are fielding skills, particularly throwing and catching accurately.  It worked, and the girls held Wellingborough to 5 rounders.  Hattie was particularly strong in the field along with Tallulah and Jemima (Vice Captain) and Katies bowling was very strong making it difficult for their batters. Tallulah made an excellent catch at mid deep. We followed that up with 5 rounders, 1 from Millie P (Captain), 2 halves from Jemima, 2.5 from Hattie and half from Millie L.

The girls should be proud of themselves for drawing with a strong Wellingborough team in the second half and we will continue to practice our fielding and decision making skills.

Player of the Match was Hattie and special mention went to Jemima.

Final score:  Wellingborough 18, Stoneygate 13

Well played girls.  Mrs Ward

Year 3 – Rounders

The team:  Mia (Captain), Tabitha, Phoebe, Isobel, Daisy, Roisin, Alice

The year 3 girls had a great game of rounders on Tuesday against Stamford.  This was the first match for both teams and the girls were very excited.

Stoneygate batted first and they sprinted off to a great start with 4 rounders.  We then fielded well and Stamford scored 1.  During the second innings the girls were very confident and scored a further 5.5 rounders and Stamford replied with 1.5.

Very well done to Mia who bowled beautifully, Roisin and Phoebe for their work at backstop, Alice for scoring 2 full rounders and holding fought at 2nd post, Daisy for stumping 2 girls out at 3rd and Tabitha for fielding securely.

Special mention this week is for Isobel who was the highest scorer with 1 full rounder and 3 halves.

Great win girls, well done.  Mrs Ward


Stoneygate v Twycross

The team:  Eliza (Captain), Millie, Tasia, Evie and Amy

Yesterday the year 4 girls travelled to Twycross for their penultimate netball match.  We only had 5 girls available so they all played the whole match.  The Twycross girls were significantly taller than us but have not played as much netball and our more experienced team kept winning the ball and steadily scored a fantastic 6 goals.

Special mention goes to Tasia who was voted Stoneygate player of the match by the Twycross girls.  Tasia attacked and defended brilliantly.

Final score:  6 – 1 to Stoneygate

Well played girls.  Mrs Ward


Stoneygate v Fairfield A

The team:  Phoebe (Captain), Alice, Daisy, Isobel, Roisin, Mia and Tabitha

Stoneygate won   5-2

Wow!!   What a great way to finish the netball season!

The year 3 girls took on the Fairfield A team today and should be really proud of themselves.  We took an early lead with goals from Alice and Roisin and we saw some excellent marking from Isobel and Phoebe in defence.  Tabitha and Mia both attacked well and passed the ball carefully and accurately up the court to their goal attack and shooter.  Daisy worked hard against a tough opponent in the last quarter and Phoebe made her debut as goal shooter.

The player of the match today went to Alice for fabulous shooting, great interceptions and superb marking.

Fantastic girls!

Mrs Ward

Under 11 Leicester Grammar Netball Tournament

Stoneygate took all their year 6 girls to the Leicester Grammar Netball Tournament this afternoon.  The girls have worked hard over the last two weeks practising their attacking and defending skills, all of which they put to good use today.  The girls should be extremely proud of themselves for their individual effort, team work and work rate.

Stamford were our first opponents and we made a confident start with two early goals.  Stamford responded with 1 and we scored a third, giving us a comfortable win.  We then played Ratcliff in an end to end game, narrowly losing by 3 goals to 5.  The girls fought hard against Witham who took an early lead, but we came back hard in the second half, scoring more goals than they did.  The final score was Witham 7, Stoneygate 4.  We didn’t have such a good game against a strong and fast Leicester Grammar team and slightly lost our structure and focus, losing 7-1.  However, we managed to regain our composure for our final match against Brooke Priory, which was so close and could have gone either way.  Brooke just clinched the win with a goal on the whistle.  The final score was Brooke 6, Stoneygate 5.  Brooke won the tournament overall, which shows how well the Stoneygate girls played.

Izzy(Captain)  should be highly commended for her efforts today and was voted player of the match by all the teams we played.  Izzy scored 10 goals, intercepted many passes, always found space and played with such determination and vigour.  Fantastic Izzy.

Special mention should also go to Emily and Jasmine who played in different positions today.  Jasmine worked tirelessly in defence, giving her opponents little chance of getting the ball and also had an impressive game at centre.  Emily made a big impact as shooter, dodging out and finding space superbly, even though the pass didn’t always come her way.  Emily scored 5 goals.  Brilliant girls.

Bea had some tough opponents, but made some fabulous interceptions and Annabelle and Beattie should be very proud of their fabulous work in defence.  Jess had a good afternoon and used her dodging skills to the teams advantage.  Well done also to Megan, Erin and Rebecca for working hard in some tough games.

Stoneygate finished 4th overall.     Very well done to all the year 6 girls.

Mrs Ward