Stoneygate Carol Service

Well done to everyone in years 3 to 8 for doing so fantastically well in the Carol Service. Everyone worked so hard to learn all the music and performed at such a high standard. I was so proud of the energy, smiles, clarity, shaping, tuning, diction, clicks, orchestras, ensembles, descants … the list goes on and on!

The readings and the school captains’ welcome were also so well delivered and showed an understanding that went beyond the years of the readers.

Special thanks go to the staff of the school, who showed their full support throughout. In particular, Mr Murphy for preparing the readers, Mr Stocks for coordinating the event, Mr Hudson, Mr James, Mr Britcliffe, Miss Hardy and Mrs Thompson for their valued musical contribution to the service, and Mr Ashwin for his piano accompaniment and energy.

A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible and for all the support of the wonderful congregation.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Mrs Ashwin


We are delighted that the school blog has now received over 30,000 views since it was established in November, with nearly 350 posts being made by the staff, parents and children.

However, we are still hoping to get thirteen more ‘Followers’, with just a week left in the school year!
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Help Us Get to 200 Followers!

As the end of term approaches we are close to reaching the impressive figure of 30,000 views on the blog, however we are still 23 followers short of our target of 200 followers by the end of term!

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Coming soon will be VIDEOS on the blog, as we have recently upgraded our account to allow them to be posted.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for all your positive comments about the blog.

Stoneygate Rugby Colts C Vs Fairfield Year 5 (B) – Wednesday 20th November

This was the second match of the term for Colts C. In the first half the team struggled to find any rhythm against a strong Fairfield team.

In the second half the team showed signs of improvement as they began to move the ball quickly through the backline. Standout performances from Karan, Alfie, Siddharth, Matthew and Alex should not go without mention in this tough fixture.

Although the game ended in defeat the entire team showed great character and determination once again.