27th November 2013 – Under 10 Hockey Tournament at LGS

Team: Emily, Jessica, Elizabeth, Annabelle, Megan, Beatrice R (Captain), Beatrice B, Rebecca, Erin, Ilona, Jasmine

An U’10 hockey squad (unbelievably excited!) had their first experience of a tournament which Leicester Grammar Junior stage annually.  It was a beautiful, sunny day.  

There were 6 teams in the competition and so we had 5 matches to play, each of 12 minutes, one way. In the programme Stoneygate had just one break between matches which meant that the girls’ fitness would come into play – an hour’s fast hockey in total, on large pitches.

Here are our results:                                             Goals

Stoneygate 3 v Copthill 0                              Bea R, Jess S, Izzy C

Stoneygate 2 v Ratcliffe 0                             Izzy, Jasmine

Stoneygate 0 v LGS 2                                    –

Stoneygate 1 v Stamford 0                            Izzy

Stoneygate 0 v Brooke Priory 1                     –

These results earned 3rd place for Stoneygate, narrowly missing 2nd place by 1 goal!

Everyone gained so much or overcame so much! in this tournament.  From dealing with nerves, maintaining confidence to play well, believing they could play well!, scoring goals, running non-stop backwards and forwards, being brave when an attacker approaches!, playing supportively as a team, concentrating, knowing what went wrong, the list could go on and on! 


Megan, our alert and feisty GK made stunning saves, one at knee height, which she cleared like a football GK!  What a successful tournament Megan had, her defenders could rely on her skills.

Izzy was top scorer with 3 strong goals, one went screaming across the goal diagonally and the GK didn’t even see it.  Izzy worked tirelessly for the whole hour of play.  She showed her high level of fitness and stick work.

Jess showed her strength and reliability in defence and ‘took’ the ball from many attackers.  She showed her recently learnt control in making the tackle.  Well done Jess.

Rebecca had to react to lots of attacking play and she bravely niggled the ball or stood strongly with her stick down to the floor, saving several possible breaks by opposition.

Emily was very busy!  She played a solid defender and the rest of her team mates could rely on her to make the important tackle.  She sometimes ran hard to play further up the field and strengthen the attacking play but then used her fitness to again cover the defence. Emily would be a good mid-fielder.

Ilona was picked out by the teacher from Brooke and remarked on her excellent dribbling skill, speed and control of the ball. Ilona was happy as a right mid-fielder and had shots at goal too.

Erin overcame her nerves and made some confident tackles, sending the ball forwards to help the attack, Her concentration was high and by her 2nd game had settled into enjoying her hockey.

Annabelle was very useful in defence and mid-field and added strength to Stoneygate’s attacking play.  Her stick work was decisive and she saved her team on many occasions, stealing the ball and passing it forwards. Good work Annabelle.

Beattie played a good forward role at left mid-field and just missed a goal scoring chance.  She was not feeling so good and was a little quieter than normal.

Jasmine played her most skillful hockey so far and really grew in confidence as the afternoon went on.  She is a fast runner and covered lots of the pitch easily.  Her tackling was very well timed and her reverse stick skills were impressive. 

Captain Bea had s super tournament and was an outstanding Captain, on and off the pitch.  She set a fine example to her team, played so hard all afternoon, scored our first goal and showed her high level of hockey skill and fitness.  Excellent!

Player of the Tournament goes to Megan who saved so many goals throughout the afternoon.  She took on the job of GK without fuss and had a positive attitude with no fear of hockey balls flying at her! Allowing only 3 goals to be scored in a whole tournament was excellent.  Thank you and well done Megan.           


Mrs S. Frisby

Swimming Gala v Ratcliffe College – Monday 18th November

One of Stoneygate’s most eventful Swimming Galas took place on Monday 18th November against Ratcliffe College, for Years 5, 6, 7, and 8.

From a swimming point of view, it was a rollercoaster of a gala with the Stoneygate team having to battle with the strong side Ratcliffe.

Molly and started off really strongly, winning the first race for our Years 5/6 75m Medley. Freddie and Louise also put up a strong fight in their 75m Medley for Years 7/8.  Our Back Crawl for Stoneygate 25m for Years 5/6 was next, with Eleanor and Thomas putting up a good fight to win.

Liana from Year 4 swam in the gala, producing some brilliant swimming to come second in her race.

At the half way mark it was 37 to Stoneygate and 44 to Ratcliffe.

The mixed relay was a great result for Years 5/6. Teams for both came in first and second.

The Mixed Relay for years 7/8 was strong with Harry and Philip doing well to pull their teams back to take 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Butterfly was a strong test for us, pulling in 2nd in most of these races but Sian won her fly. The Ratcliffe coach commented that he saw some good technical fly from our team, one race for Ratcliffe to watch out for in future.

The last mixed cannon is always an exciting race: we came 1st and 4th in the final race.

Other swimmers who attended and swam really well were: William, Millie,
George, Jamie,  Fran, Spike, Ella, Sam and Oliver.

Mrs Cave’s Swimmers of the Gala were: Spencer and Sian, for pure determination, enthusiasm, and dedication to win in their races.

For some of the Swimmers it was their first big gala, so well done for competing!

Well done to the all the team and also for keeping focused throughout a challenging gala. The final score was 115 to Stoneygate and 135 to Ratcliffe; however this did not reflect the sheer determination the whole team put in.