‘The Taming of the Shrew’


On Thursday 6th March, Years 5 to 8 travelled to the Curve in Leicester to watch a schools’ performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company of The Taming of the Shrew. They saw an abridged version of the play and then had the opportunity to ask questions of the cast. They were shown some of the dramatic ‘tricks of the trade’ and explored some of the play’s themes. The morning ended with a workshop, during which the children helped create atmospheric music to accompany one of the scenes from the play.

The whole occasion was much enjoyed and many of the children had their first experience of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Theatre Years 3 and 4

On Thursday Dec 5th the Years 3 and 4 children watched an unusual performance of ‘Wind in the Willows’.

As usual the group of actors at the Derngate Theatre in Northampton gave such a professional performance. The special effects were fascinating, especially when Toad was saved from drowning by Ratty.

Mr. Toad was very funny. The local school children were the naughty weasels and the sweet baby rabbits.  One little girl was very cheeky!!

The show was full of songs and slapstick comedy from the silly policemen chasing Mr. Toad.

This was a lovely visit to start the Stoneygate Christmas celebrations.