his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

I don’t believe pupils should continue to read a book they find either too difficult or too boring.  Reading should be fun and not a chore.  I don’t however want pupils to give in too easily.  Most pupils from the age of 10 upwards should give a book “the first 100 pages” before making any decision as to whether to continue or not.  Reading and resilience have been the key words of the week.

Could I thank all staff, parents and pupils who made it into school this week.  The weather has certainly been challenging.  With all fixtures postponed, surely they’d be no early morning cross country club in the snow?  But this is Stoneygate.  When I asked Mrs Fielding if she was going running with the pupils her response just confirmed her commitment…”Mr Dobson, give me one runner and we are going!” Two pupils turned up and off they went.  Well done to Edward, Toya and Mrs Fielding.

Well done to all those pupils who turned up in costume for World Book Day.  Despite school being covered in snow and a wind chill factor of -8, a whole variety of characters turned out.  From Greg in ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ to Little Red Riding Hood to Toad from ‘Wind in the Willows’.



Thank you to Mr Hackney and 5MH for leading an assembly on World Book Day.

Do take time to read an earlier blog posted by Sally on how the weather this week has affected our wildlife…it make for an interesting read!

Enjoy the weekend and let’s hope we see more sunshine next week….

Mr Dobson

Winter Wonderland

Our lovely school is a winter wonderland! While the snow is lying, keep a watchful eye out for animal and bird ‘sign’- there might be evidence of their comings and goings which you can spot.

What do you think made these tracks?


When it’s very cold, our wildlife has a hard time finding food and keeping warm. When I walked round the Morris Mile, I wondered if the pond life was surviving… what do you think they do when their environment looks like this?!


I found a clue to how some animals find a safe and warm place to sleep when I visited some unused badger sets around the grounds! I’m unsure if the tracks are badger or fox but a lot of tracks are rabbit. They are quite easy to see because they make 3 dimples in the snow- two for their back feet and one where their front paws are kept closely together. See if you can see rabbit tracks when you’re out walking… can you tell the difference between the animals and birds sign?


Our grounds are looking super, Stoneygate in the snow is a magical place that we are so lucky to share with the wild creatures around us. We can learn to keep safe like the animals by wearing warm winter clothes. If an animal gets covered in snow, they shake it off so if you brush the snow off your clothes, it won’t melt and make you wet. Most importantly, like the animals, BE PREPARED, just in-case plans change and you find yourself having to be in a cold environment.

Have a lovely time enjoying this crisp weather and keep safe, everyone!

Sally, the Groundslady

Orchestra Day at Uppingham

On Thursday 22nd February, 20 of our pupils went to Uppingham School for a superb orchestra day. Performing alongside 340 pupils from 21 schools is an amazing experience and our pupils enjoyed performing ‘The Magic of Music’, based on Harry Potter themes as a massed orchestra. The string orchestra performed ‘Four Variations on a theme by Beethoven’ and ‘Hypsilophodon Hoe-Down’. The wind band performed ‘Highlights from Jersey Boys’ and ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’. The concert opened with Uppingham’s fantastic Jazz Orchestra and it was lovely to see two old Stoneygate pupils in the trumpet section.

I am very grateful to Mrs Angell for coming with us and being such a enthusiastic helper in the percussion section! It was also lovely to have so many parents in the final concert. I hope all the pupils can see the difference that hard work and practice makes. I can’t wait to take everyone again in 2019!

Mrs Ashwin

Leicester Cathedral Choir Auditions

On Thursday, Dr Ouvry-Johns (whom some of you will know as our Carol Service organist) came to talk in assembly about the choirs at Leicester Cathedral. There are auditions coming up for the choirs on Saturday 3 March from 10 – 4 and the information is below. I sing with Dr Ouvry-Johns regularly and love it. A cathedral choir musical education is a fantastic thing that develops skills that stay with you for life – I can’t recommend it highly enough!



Mrs Ashwin


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

I don’t want school to be dull… but sometimes we have to do grammar exercises, sometimes we’ve just got to learn Latin verbs and sometimes we have to practise scales on the piano- and these disciplines are important.  Routine and practise are two key characteristics in education and life…but enjoying something slightly different or totally unexpected can also bring rewards. This week we have experienced performing Chinese lions, huge orchestras, sports fixtures, made science projects and listened to the choir master of Leicester Cathedral choir …

Over half term millions of people celebrated the Chinese New Year; as a school we thought it only fitting to bring this celebration to school.  Without letting the pupils know, we invited ‘Long feng Martial and Cultural Arts’ into school and in doing so they brought colour, noise, gymnastics and tears for some of our younger pupils!


I’d like thank Dr Christopher Ouvry-Johns, Director of Music at Leicester Cathedral for coming to assembly and discussing the role of a chorister.  Mrs Ashwin and I are both keen to develop this relationship with the cathedral.

Thank you to Year 6 who introduced school to World Book day.  This event takes place next Thursday and to celebrate we are giving the pupils an opportunity to come to school dressed as a character from a book (for older, more self-conscious pupils, non-uniform can be worn, however do let us know your favourite character!).  We are asking for a donation of £1 to take part.  This money will then go to a local charitable cause… a 5 year old boy who lives in the county with Muscular Dystrophy.

On Thursday a number of Stoneygate pupils took part in the Prep school Music day at Uppingham.  21 prep schools from all over the country joined in this musical extravaganza.   The evening concert, which I was lucky enough to attend, was truly wonderful.  The experience, thrill and noise made by these 21 schools is unforgettable.  Thanks must also go to Mrs Ashwin and Mrs Angell for accompanying and encouraging the pupils.

We want our pupils to be creative; we also want our pupils to be resilient, determined and brave.  Those characteristics have certainly been on display in our sports fixtures this week.  I was delighted to watch some of our girls in action against Twycross.  My knowledge of netball is still somewhat limited, but I recognise teamwork, spatial awareness and the ability to pass (& shoot!) with a ball. Girls, you were amazing!  We’ve had fixtures against Maidwell Hall, Twycross House and Stamford in football, netball and hockey this week. Please see the website for results and fixtures.


Finally, thank you to pupils (and parents) in Year 5 for building some outstanding models linked to Science work.  The models are on display in both the Science room and the dining room.

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr Dobson

Winter Music Exam Results


Music exams are a part of many musicians’ journey. We are very proud of the success of our players and singers and would like to offer congratulations to:

  • Olivia – Grade 1 Music Theory with merit
  • Imara – Grade 1 Music Theory with distinction
  • Felix – Grade 1 Guitar with distinction
  • Karan – Grade 2 Piano
  • Shonali – Grade 2 Music Theory with merit
  • Rosie – Grade 2 Singing with merit
  • Hattie – Grade 7 Singing

Mrs Ashwin

Keyboard, Drums, Guitar and Ukulele Concert

On 1 February, we were treated to a lovely display of keyboard, drum, guitar and ukulele playing. There was a variety of styles and pieces and a range of ensembles to enjoy. It was very clear how much work had gone into the preparation as the performances were fluent and stylish. I was too busy enjoying the music to take photos of everyone, but here are a few photos of the concert.

Mrs Ashwin