Year 8 Geography Field trip

On Thursday 12th October the Year 8 pupils travelled to Rutland Water to investigate sustainable tourism around the reservoir. They visited the fishing lodge at Normanton, the dam at Sykes Lane, Whitwell Water Sports Centre and the nature reserve at Egleton.

Pupils observed the management plans used to protect the reservoir.  They carried out questionnaires with a warden, the Whitwell cycle shop manager and the zookeeper of Bugtopia to see if there are any conflicts between different users of the reservoir.   They made careful observations about the impact tourists have on the environment. They also visited a bird hide at the nature reserve to carry out a wetland birds’ survey and draw a sketch of the nature reserve.

The highlight of the trip was meeting ‘Cuddles’ the boa constrictor which was wrapped around the zookeeper as he answered the pupils questions! The group were then invited to have a tour of the zoo which was an unexpected bonus.

This was a very enjoyable day and the children were great ambassadors for the school.

Mrs Jelly





Rainbows Guy

Many thanks go to all the children who have helped to produce the giant guy for the Rainbows Firework Event on Saturday at Leicester Racecourse.

The winning design for the face came from Kenshi and Lyla I and Clara T were runners up.

Will A (Year 5) won the naming competition with ‘Fluffy’!

Thanks also go to all the children who have bought flashing merchandise this week in support of Rainbows.

I hope to see some of you at the event on Saturday. If you do attend please come and join Keshi and Will on the stage, when they formally light the bonfire.


Year 5 Challenge Maths lesson

Year 5 have been playing Dice Digits today.

In the challenge you have to take turns with your partner rolling a die and filling in your scorecard. When all spaces are filled you add up the numbers and the nearest to 1,000 (without going over) wins that round.

Have a go at home, but think carefully about where you put the numbers, as it will affect your final total. What are the best tactics?

Year 7 Geography Field Trip

On Tuesday 31st October the Year 7 pupils visited the Cambridge Education Centre in Stibbington, Peterborough to carry out a river study. This trip places great emphasis on practical investigations which really does help pupils relate the theory of rivers to the real world.

Working in small groups, pupils measured the speed of flow at Sacrewell Mill Stream using the sophisticated equipment of dog biscuits and stop watches! They also had a turn using a flow meter which gives more accurate readings.

Following this experiment, pupils measured the shape of the river channel and the shape of the valley using clinometers, trundle wheels and ranging poles – the neighbouring lamas took a particular interest in this activity! After lunch the group visited Yarwell Mill Country Park to look at the various flood defences that have been put in place.  They finished the day watching demonstration models that showed the work of a river and surface run off.

It was a pleasure to see the pupils participating so eagerly in all of the activities and answering the leader’s questions so well.

Mrs Jelly

Astronomy Masterclass

On Tuesday 24th October, Leicester Grammar School Trust conducted an out of this world astronomy masterclass to pupils from both Leicester Grammar Junior School and Stoneygate School. With over one hundred in attendance ranging in ages from 17 months to 11 years old, a series of inspirational astronomy talks and demonstrations captivated our youngest scientists.  Alongside craft activities and songs our pupils were given the opportunity to control our state-of-the-art robotic telescope. Parents listened to the contributions of Leicester Grammar School students in launching a spacecraft to 130,000 feet under a weather balloon, rocket launching and Spaceclub. The Physics Department also demonstrated, with videos of its recent Cape Canaveral trip, how space could be used as an inspirational hook to catch and develop prospective scientists in their formative years. The masterclass run by Dr Boyce, Miss Allcoat, Mrs Green and Mrs Angell will be repeated in subsequent terms.

Astronomy masterclass


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

This week I had a glimpse into what the future of education might look like.  I donned a virtual reality headset and began to virtually explore the solar system… I even had a ‘virtual PE lesson’ with my instructor telling me what to do.  It was truly incredible.  My thanks to James Bentley, a former LGS pupil, for talking to pupils from Years 7, 8 & 9 on engineering and technology.


One pupil asked James, “do you think technology will replace teachers?”  Perhaps the question was aimed at me…

We have some inspirational Science teachers at Stoneygate: Mrs Johnston, Mrs Angel and Miss Harris.  Science should be interesting and experimental and not dull …and that is precisely what our Science department delivers.  Well done Year 7 for building/creating some wonderful projects linked to ‘Movement’.

We also tried something new this week- on Tuesday evening we held our first ‘Astronomy Masterclass’ at LGS. I would like to thank Mrs Angel and the Science dept at LGS for making this happen.

Pupils and parents enjoying the astronomy evening…

The importance of a balanced diet was the theme for one assembly this week, with Mrs Angel explaining the science and psychology behind eating.  “Why do children prefer dull coloured carbohydrates rather than the ‘rainbow plate’ option?”  Hopefully your children will know the answer!

Our second assembly of the week, led by Reverend Kim, had a Science/religious theme.  Reverend Kim spoke about the importance of light in the world.  She explained how Jack O’ Lanterns originated as a means of warding off evil spirits and the importance of light, metaphorically, for Christians.


A Stoneygate pumpkin outside School House.

It has been a wonderful week, inspired by science.  It is therefore fitting to end this blog with the news that a note, written on hotel paper, by Einstein was sold this week for just over £1 million. Einstein, having just won the 1922 Noble prize for Physics, gave the note to a hotel worker, as he had no money to tip him. It reads: “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.”


The £1million note..

Stars of the Week:

Last week Imran (Y2)…. for making super electricity circuits.

This week William L (Y2) …. fantastic Veetacore tessellation.

Amy and Ethan (Y1)…for super writing about Warwick Castle.

Harveer (Rec)…for making excellent progress in reading.

Finally, thank you to our Y9 Charity Ambassadors and the SSA for organising a cake sale for the NSPCC.  We raised £240.38p


Good luck to all the cross country runners tomorrow; I hope to see many of you at tomorrow’s Open Morning.

Kind regards,

Mr J F Dobson