Choir Tour to Dublin

It has been a long and rewarding first day on the tour. Please see below some images from our travels.

Today’s concert was in a primary school for boys. We were given an incredibly warm welcome and then sang for them. We were delighted when they sang back to us. It was a really special occasion. 


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

With the summer holidays imminent, this week’s assemblies focussed on ‘keeping safe’ and ‘journeys’.

On Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have Mike, a volunteer from the RNLI, in school to talk to us about the importance of keeping safe at the beach.  Mike spoke about ‘cold water shock’, rip currents, tested pupils on their flag knowledge and gave some interesting facts..there are almost 20,000 miles of coastline to patrol!

Keeping with safety over the holidays, many of you will be aware of a recent update to Snapchat (Snap Map) which shows publicly posted images on a searchable map which is accurate enough to determine exactly where that person is located at that time, therefore indicating a user’s home address.  Although mobile phones are not allowed at Stoneygate, we do realise some of our older pupils use them outside school; as a school we feel we ought to warn you and advise pupils to switch off Snap Map. See article below…

On Thursday 4DS delivered a thought provoking assembly based on a follow-up to the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ story.  The message was an important one- sometimes we have to go into the unknown, but with confidence, caution and help from our friends- we can overcome our fears.


The Three Billy Goats’ grandchildren and ‘the bridge’…..

Keeping with trips and journeys, could I thank all the parents who dropped off their children at 4.30 am this morning.  Pupils and staff were still in remarkably good spirits before heading off to the airport.

There’s definitely a look of concern amongst fellow passengers..

Finally, thank you to the SSA for last week’s ‘Midsummer Ball’- it was a truly wonderful evening.


Beautiful setting, superb band, great food…and we raised money for charity.

With our senior choir touring Dublin this weekend, it only seems right that I end this week’s blog with our very own Mr Ashwin singing this classic Irish song….


Mr J F Dobson

I doughnut know what we would do without it!

Year 8 had their last science lesson today (due to the Dublin trip, fete etc) so we celebrated by making Matilda’s favourite – doughnuts. We made batter, then deep fried using the cook club equipment, tossed them in sugar, then enjoyed!


In between we finished our science lab displays which have gone up on the wall. Here are Bea and Matilda in front of their handiwork.