Y6 grow microbes

In science year 6 have been investigating microbes. We found all sorts of microbes lurking around school. We used cotton buds to swab handles, bannisters, pond water, specs, etc and pressed the buds onto plates of agar jelly. We left one section of the plate with nothing added. This was our ‘control’ and acted as a comparison.

Here are our plates of nutrient agar after two weeks.


Now you know why were always on at you to wash your hands before tea!

Bunsen Burners on!

Year 6 were delighted to kick off the new term by getting to light their own Bunsen burners and heat up some water to boiling. Goggles on everyone! Here are Garv, Charlie and Tom recording the temperature of their ever rising water temperature. We found that, despite Mrs Angell offering a thousand pounds to anyone who could get their thermometer up to the very top, we just couldn’t make water go higher than 100C. Phew!

Useful Yeast. Let’s make pizza!

Year six have been learning about micro-organisms and how they’re not all bad! Yeast, for example is a fungus used to make bread and pizza dough rise. We made pizza in our double lesson today! It was a feat of speed and organisation but we did it with fifteen minutes to spare! It helped with it being 27C in the lab today, a perfect temperature for yeast to multiply and dough to rise.

We deep fried the pizzas because we don’t have an oven in the lab, and we made our own tomato sauce using the cook club cookers. Here we are making and eating our pizzas.


Before half term, year 6 students set up an experiment in science to see if there any germs lurking on their hands and around the school.  We pressed swabs from the sink, toilet, toys and coins onto agar jelly, a special nutrient base which germs love to eat. We pressed dirty and clean fingers into the jelly too.

We left the plates to develop for a couple of weeks and today we investigated our findings.

Here are our results. What do you think? Do you think it will make Year 6 wash their hands a bit better before lunch now?


Dry Ice Fun on Open Day

Year 6 (and some parents and visitors) had a dry ice demonstration by Mrs Angell and then got a chance to have a go themselves. We learned that dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and is desperate to get back to being a gas – which is does with interesting effects, like making floating fog, pouring clouds, screaming spoons, giant bubbles and soap monsters. Here we are at work. (OK, play.)

IMG_1080 IMG_1078 IMG_1077 IMG_1075 IMG_1074 IMG_1073IMG_1086IMG_1085IMG_1084


8DP finish off the dry ice in the last lesson of the day. Four dry ice demos today and Mrs Angell needs a strong cup of tea! (Will somebody take my prep tonight?!)