Win Michael Morpurgo!


November was Michael Morpurgo month and the school has a chance to win a visit from the author. All English teachers from Year 3 to Year 8 have been asked to encourage their students to write a review of their favourite Michael Morpurgo book.  These can then be entered in the competition. Students need to hurry though as the reviews need to be handed in by the end of term.

Year 7 Christmas Reading Challenge


Year 7 have been challenged to read a book over Christmas from a different writer, genre or category than the one they would normally pick. The aim of the challenge is to widen the students’ reading matter and give them the opportunity to experience a variety of writing styles.

Hopefully students will ask friends, family, teachers and older students for suggestions to help choose a book. Fiction, biographies, autobiographies, travel logs, graphic novels etc are all suitable for the challenge. The new school library will also be available for students to use.

Parents can help by encouraging their children to read for at least twenty minutes per day (the minimum a Year 7 student should be reading).

Good luck Year 7!