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Thursday’s fete epitomised everything that is good about Stoneygate.  Everyone worked together, everyone had fun and we delivered something that was very special.  Could I thank all pupils, staff, parents and external organisations that made the fete such a success.  Money raised from yesterday will be shared between the SSA and the Joe Humphries Memorial Trust.

In the morning the pupils certainly enjoyed the bird of prey demonstration….

Izzy has everything under control…

It is through links with this Trust and Mrs Johnson that school now has a defibrillator.  This defibrillator is to be used by anyone, for anyone on the school site.  On Monday 4th September parents are invited to attend a defib training session at school (1.15pm in the foyer of the new build)- please do put this date in your diary.

This week we have congratulated pupils for the musical, sporting and academic efforts…well done to you all.

Some of our prize winners…thank you to Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Banerjee for handing out the awards.

For pupils that are leaving, I wish you all the best and remember your final assembly here.  Be bold, be daring, be not be the ship that stays in the harbour.


I will end this blog with some thank you’s…

Thank you to the pupils for their energy, their enthusiasm, their kindness and their willingness to learn.

Thank you to all staff (- site, catering, office, academic-) for your high standards, hard work and creativity.

Thank you parents for your continued patience and support.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe holiday.


Mr J F Dobson

Don’t forget the Headmaster’s Challenge!



his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

With the summer holidays imminent, this week’s assemblies focussed on ‘keeping safe’ and ‘journeys’.

On Tuesday we were fortunate enough to have Mike, a volunteer from the RNLI, in school to talk to us about the importance of keeping safe at the beach.  Mike spoke about ‘cold water shock’, rip currents, tested pupils on their flag knowledge and gave some interesting facts..there are almost 20,000 miles of coastline to patrol!

Keeping with safety over the holidays, many of you will be aware of a recent update to Snapchat (Snap Map) which shows publicly posted images on a searchable map which is accurate enough to determine exactly where that person is located at that time, therefore indicating a user’s home address.  Although mobile phones are not allowed at Stoneygate, we do realise some of our older pupils use them outside school; as a school we feel we ought to warn you and advise pupils to switch off Snap Map. See article below…

On Thursday 4DS delivered a thought provoking assembly based on a follow-up to the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ story.  The message was an important one- sometimes we have to go into the unknown, but with confidence, caution and help from our friends- we can overcome our fears.


The Three Billy Goats’ grandchildren and ‘the bridge’…..

Keeping with trips and journeys, could I thank all the parents who dropped off their children at 4.30 am this morning.  Pupils and staff were still in remarkably good spirits before heading off to the airport.

There’s definitely a look of concern amongst fellow passengers..

Finally, thank you to the SSA for last week’s ‘Midsummer Ball’- it was a truly wonderful evening.


Beautiful setting, superb band, great food…and we raised money for charity.

With our senior choir touring Dublin this weekend, it only seems right that I end this week’s blog with our very own Mr Ashwin singing this classic Irish song….


Mr J F Dobson


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

Yesterday pupils from Years 7 & 8 trekked the Higger Tor route in the Peak District.  As we approached the end of our hike, just before the distribution of ice lollies, we ‘paused for thought’.  We discussed our journey in both literal and metaphorical terms.  We decided that life, rather like our trek, was sometimes difficult, but ultimately rewarding.  The path was not always smooth; sometimes there were boulders in our way.  There were moments of difficult climbs, followed by gentle slopes.  We walked through sunshine, wind, rain and even thunder… but with determination, help from our friends and a sense of humour, we all made it back to base camp.

Comparing life with our trek…Thomas Hardy would approve!

I’m delighted to announce we have raised over £100 for Breast Cancer Care this week.  Throughout the week , whenever there has been an opportunity to drink tea or coffee, we have asked for donations.  One such opportunity came after the ‘Mothers v Girls’ rounders game…

This year we had two rounders games.  The mums won one and lost one…we also raised money for an important cause.

Thank you to pupils, parents and staff who attended Tuesday’s Summer Sequence Concert.  With record temperatures being met, we decided to hold the concert in the courtyard.   It was a glorious evening with outstanding solo performances from Bea (Y8), Joanna (Y6) and Siddharth (Y8), wonderful duets from Will and Max (Y7) and Tabitha and Mia (Y5 ukulele duet) and some marvellous team efforts from the Stoneygate Recorder Consort, the Senior Choir, ‘The Fab Five’ and the Stoneygate School Orchestra.

Thanks to Mr and Mrs Ashwin and Mr James for organising the evening….. and to the ice cream man for turning his sound off!

Parents, could I ask you to monitor fidget spinners.  Although I spoke about the craze in an earlier blog, some fidget spinners are now dangerous.  If your child has a spinner with sharp edges, please keep it at home.  If the spinner has smooth, circular edges pupils may play with them at break.

No sharp edges please.

Stars of the week:

Year 2-                  Ophelia

Year 1-                  Archie (this week)

Ellie (last week)

Reception-          Ethan (this week)

Noah (last week)

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Mid-Summer Ball,

Mr J F Dobson


his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice


What a glorious week it has been at Stoneygate…there are few schools that look as impressive as ours in the sunshine.  John Ball, I know, would have been very proud to see our fields looking so good.  Congratulations to the many teams and individuals that have represented us this week.  In an age of technology and obesity, I’m thrilled that at Stoneygate, sport is still an important part of our education.

Could I thank all the parents who helped make last Friday evening such a wonderful occasion.  The food was first-class, unlike the fathers’ bowling and batting!  The 1st team deservedly defeated the fathers…the highlight for me being the reaction of the boys following the dismissal of Mr Murray.


Our U11’s team…

On Wednesday this week our U11 A & B teams played Grace Dieu at cricket.  Both teams were victorious- the A’s  won by 45 runs and the B’s by 59 runs.  On Thursday Mr Hackney and myself took two U9 teams to play at Laxton.  Again, two games, two victories: The B team, thanks to some great batting from Oliver and Oscar, won by 43 runs.  The A match looked as if it would be a close finish, until Henry decided to smash 20 in one over (including three 4s and a 6)- the most important aspects in all these fixtures were that the boys were enjoying playing the sport, working as a team and learning how to improve.

Mrs Fielding’s philosophy of having maximum numbers participating in sport has been apparent this week in our sports days.  We don’t want pupils watching; we want pupils taking part- hence the change in format.

Pre-Prep & Y3 Pupils on Tuesday…

As a school we often talk about the importance of determination and perseverance.  As a staff we have been delighted with what we have seen this week from our youngest pupils to our eldest.

Bradley launching…

Year 5 boys sprint & Y6 boys hurdle…

I would like to thank all staff (PE, catering and ground) who have helped with sport this week, but in particular Mrs Fielding.  Thanks must also go to the team below for helping some of our younger pupils.


Congratulations to Josh (Y2) for being awarded best footballer on his camp, Omar and Henry for their success with Aylsetone Park FC and to Louis Brown for winning a bronze medal in a regional judo meet.

Finally, well done to all the parents who finished the Harborough 10k last weekend.

We are a sporty lot!

Mr Dobson



his-master-voice  Headmaster’s Voice

Change is afoot at Stoneygate.

School House will no longer be a residential home (much to the annoyance of my teenage children), but will house our youngest pupils.  Builders are due to start work on converting the property into classrooms next week.  Our priority is to remove the mobile classrooms and create a learning environment that is warm, safe, family-friendly and modern.  In this school development, our youngest pupils will have a new cloakroom, new toilets, new form rooms (with interactive whiteboards) and a new ‘Creative room’.


School House will welcome our youngest pupils…

Expect scaffolding to appear at the back of the old building too.  The windows at the back of the building need replacing, before we begin the process of painting and decorating.  Several windows are damaged, most cannot be opened and all the frames are bowed.  We do want to replace these windows, but we need windows that are in-keeping with the building.  Last week we had a ‘trial run’ with one window frame being replaced at the side of Mrs Mills’ room.

The back of the beautiful old building desperately needs some attention….

In the summer holidays builders will also be working on improvements to the Art room- with better flooring, better storage areas, more sinks and more electrical points.

I’m delighted at these cosmetic changes; they will ultimately help teaching and learning at Stoneygate. Investment, in both staff and buildings, is set to continue for Stoneygate in the forthcoming years…

We’ve had two contrasting assemblies this week.  Pupils from Reception to Y3 were fortunate enough to watch Rob (from 360 Gymnastics) perform.  The photos below show him almost flying through the air… nor did he use a vault!

I particularly like the expressions on the pupils’ faces: shock, delight and amazement.  I didn’t receive exactly the same response when I delivered an  assembly earlier in the week, when discussing electoral reform in the last 200 years…although a youtube clip from Blackadder discussing ‘Rotten Boroughs’ did bring muted laughter.

Rob and Blackadder…our assemblies are not dull.

Madame Hosie and I were delighted with the response to the latest StoneyGATE (Gifted And Talented Enrichment) challenge.  The brief, for the older pupils, was to design a new cereal packet for the company ‘Monster Crunch’.  Our pupils demonstrated a variety of skills: maths, art, design, DT, environmental issues, marketing skills, even collating consumer information.  Congratulations to all who took part in the challenge.


Congratulations to Arush in Year 6 for being selected to play for both Leicestershire U11’s and U12’s cricket teams.

Congratulations to Mille, also in Year 6, for winning the girls high jump at the Maidwell Hall Athletics meet.

May I draw your attention to an event that is not on the calendar…following the Mothers’ rounders match on 21st June, there will be an afternoon tea in aid of Breast Cancer Care.  More details to follow shortly, but please do support this event & put in your diary now!

May I wish both the fathers and the sons all the best for tonight’s cricket match at Kibworth.

On a day of political turmoil, thank heavens there’s always cricket.   I’m very much looking forward to seeing you all there.

Mr J F Dobson

John Ball


Dear Parents,

It is with great sadness that I must report the news that John Ball passed away at 9.30 yesterday evening.  He was at home with his wife at the time.

John enjoyed working at Stoneygate for many years- our beautiful grounds are testament to his hard work.  John was often the first face pupils and parents would see in the morning as he helped with the parking duties (come rain or shine).  John was passionate about rock music, Land Rovers  and Leicester City…& their recent success brought much happiness.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

John Ball



his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

It’s been an incredibly busy week to end this half term.  Thank you to all staff, pupils and parents who have continued to work hard during what has been a difficult week for the country.  I would particularly like to thank all those associated with Year 4.

Year 4 began the week with a trip to Beaumanor Hall.  This WWII trip certainly sparked the imagination of our pupils…as they were taken back in time to the 1940’s…even their packed lunch was based on 1940s food.


Another poor boy about to be evacuated…

On Wednesday Stoneygate had its first Inter League Swimming Gala at LGS.  Well done to all swimmers, but especially the Minnows who finished first.  All pupils from Years 3 upwards participated in this event.  Bearing in mind it is the League with the lowest score wins, the difference between 2nd place and fourth was narrow:

Minnows             75 points

Sticklebacks        88 points

Tadpoles              92 points

Seahorses           95 points

On Thursday our Reception form visited Twycross Zoo, whilst our older pupils had a full fixture list- with Y4 pupils playing rounders and participating in an athletics meeting.  Please do check details of our sports results and general sports info either via the webpage or upload it as an app (visit for further details).  Staff were particularly impressed with our determination at the athletics meeting at Maidwell Hall.  With temperatures soaring, Izzy (Y8) & Milly (Y7) performed in many events and  still ran two relay races; Omar (Y4) fell at the last hurdle, dusted himself down and continued running (coming second).  Congratulations to the following individuals who won their events:


Isobel                    (Hurdles)

Isabelle                 (High Jump)

Henry                    (Cricket Ball)


Alice                      (200 m)

Alice                      (High Jump)

Tabitha                 (Long Jump)

Tabitha                 (Hurdles)

Harry                     (Cricket ball)


Evie                        (400 m)


Milly                      (400 m)

Milly                      (Rounders ball)

Hattie                    (Hurdles)

On the subject of sport, thank you 5LA for a marvellous assembly on sport.  The pupils discussed their favourite sports, their sporting heroes and introduced sports quizzes.  In true Olympic style we ended with the national anthem!


Daley Thompson ‘Last Man Standing’….we showed the same spirit at Maidwell.

Today pupils from Year 3 & 4 left for Caythorpe Manor.

We wish them all them a safe journey and hope they have a wonderful, memorable time.

I look forward to greeting them on their return this Sunday.

Enjoy the half term break… pupils from Years 3 & 4 will definitely need a rest.

Mr DobsonManchester-Comes-Together-to-Remember-Victims-Of-Terror-Attack