Year 3 Fairy tale fun

In English Year 3 have enjoyed reading some of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes.

They have been looking at similarities and differences between those and traditional fairy tales.

They then played a game to decide what setting, good and bad characters, and props they would need to include in their own stories which they are working on.

Year 3 – Maths Fun

During Maths Year 3 have been learning how to collect and record information to complete bar charts. They chose their own topics, such as Strictly Come Dancing stars, pets, sports and chocolate bars. They then asked their friends what their favourites were and recorded them in a frequency chart before transferring them carefully to a bar chart.

Advent Facts



3DH have been enjoying learning a new fact every day during advent.

Did you know…. that Gengenbach Town Hall in Germany is believed to be the biggest advent calendar in the world. It has 24 windows facing the town square and each evening during December at 6pm another window is lit! Also President Obama has a dinosaur, fish and a type of lichen named after him!


Year 3 enjoying The Twits!

In English Year 3 are studying The Twits by Roald Dahl.

We are enjoying looking closely at the characters and finding out about the cunning tricks they have planned. We especially liked finding out about all the gross things Mr Twit has in his beard.

PGL 2016

Early start with the year 4 girls waking up at 4:44am! They were promptly sent back to bed.  A big choice of cereal and a cooked breakfast set the children up for an action packed day of activities.  The weather has been warm and sunny which has been enjoyed by everyone.  All the children have taken part in Problem Solving, Low Ropes, Jacobs Ladder and Challenge Course.  You can see from the photos how much fun the children have had and all the activities required team work and communication.  As always the instructors have been great encouraging all children to reach their potential.  It goes without saying, we have been very well fed today!