Year 5/6 Boys & Girls Tennis

Year 5/6 Boys & Girls Tennis v Leicester Grammar – Away
On Monday 9th June

Sixteen children from Years 5 and 6 went to play tennis against Leicester Grammar. They played some singles and doubles matches. They all played for a certain length of time until the whistle blew to end the match and then the score was recorded.

Leicester Grammar had a very competent Year 6 girl who was quite highly ranked. Our Number 1, Archie Gi played her. It was an extremely close, entertaining match, of the highest standard. Archie kept his cool and worked at her weaknesses (not that there were many). The final score was 6-3 to Archie. A great performance!

The only other singles match was Arche Go, who had a thrilling match, eventually coming through 7-6.

The remaining players all played doubles. The girls were unbeaten in all their matches. Eleanor B and Clemmy P had a great match with their opponents, winning 6-4 but the other were, unfortunately, not so well matched and we won comfortably.

I was most impressed with Alfie W, who was the only Year 5 boy, and his partner Patrick Bairstow. They played some lovely tennis and won their match 7-4.

The full results were as follows:

Boys Team:
Archie Gi – won 6-3
Dom A & Finley F – lost 4-7
Oliver M & Jamie B – lost 3-8
Alfie W & Patrick B – won 7-4
Archie Go – won 7-6

Girls Team:
Gracie F & Molly J – won 8-1
Eleanor B & Clemmy P – won 6-4
Pippa N & Georgina T – won 5-0
Bea R & Rebecca M – won 5-0

Congratulations to all our players for their excellent performances.

C. Abbott