Year 8 make their own paper.

In a lesson on conservation and caring for the Earth, Year 8 recycled some paper with a papermaking kit to make some cool new sheets of paper. We reduced old paper to a pulp using a soup blender and diluted it in a bowl of water. We sieved out a new sheet of paper and set it to dry on a plastic drying sheet. We used banana skin and coffee grains, seeds and flower petals to create a natural look for our paper, and added a skeleton leaf for good measure. We also made a few purple and blue sparkly sheets with coloured tissue and glitter! Guess which was the most popular?

Here we are at work. Honestly, Tej is at work, he’s just at the “standing on the paper for ages” stage.

IMG_0250 IMG_0251 IMG_0252

and here are some of the finished sheets!