18th November 2013 – Under 10 Netball V Great Bowden (H)

A Team:         Result: Stoneygate 6  v  Great Bowden 7

Emily, Jessica, Jasmine (swimming at the gala), Elizabeth, Annabelle,           Beatrice .R. and Beatrice .B.(Captain)

B Team          Result:  Stoneygate 2  v  Great Bowden 7

Megan, Ilona, Erin, Mia and Rebecca (Captain)

It was pleasing to host a new fixture and we welcomed Great Bowden Primary School from Market Harborough.  On rather a cold and damp afternoon the U’10s were, as usual, excited to be playing and indeed played until it was dark!

The A team had a shaky start and Gt Bowden were quick to score 3 goals.  Bea scored just before ¼ time and Stoneygate finally were then more settled.

Both teams were evenly matched in the second 1/4 , scoring 3 goals each and for Stoneygate Emily played a stunning ¼.  She scored 3 consecutive goals and worked hard for the whole 8 mins.  Her shots were cleanly targeted and she showed huge confidence in her movement around the circle, searching for the space to set her shots, super!

The score at 6-4 to Gt Bowden, both teams battled to keep possession and as a result only 1 goal was scored, by Gt Bowden, 7-4. Jess and Beattie were unlucky not to score.

All to play for then and Stoneygate girls were on a mission to level the scores and showed their feisty side!  The whole team pulled together, which they do superbly when the game gets tough. Jess and Annabelle, in defence, put huge pressure on the shooters and prevented any further goals from Gt Bowden. Izzy and Bea, a good shooting partnership, battled and achieved 2 goals.  The whistle was blown just before the draw was reached.

This was a super match by the A Team, against a Year 6 Gt Bowden team, and demonstrated their improvement! Well done girls!

Special mention goes to Emily for 3 amazing goals which kept Stoneygate in the game!

Player of the Match and of the Day goes to Bea Rhodes for being a support to everyone in her team by making a huge effort be in a space and indicating she was free, good work Bea!

The B Team found Gt Bowden a tough challenge but nevertheless battled hard with their individual skills as well as trying to build passes together.  We saw a goal from Megan in the first half and from Erin in the second.  Mia, who hadn’t been well recently, had a tough time keeping warm and we missed her.

Ilona and Rebecca made changes to the marking of their opponent and this slowed down the Gt Bowden scoring.  The girls had a more successful second half.

Megan worked well around the shooting circle and her firm catch made a difference to the attacking play.  Erin is continuing to work on her shooting skills.  She works hard in training and the nerves in this match were more controlled. Well done for working hard until the very end B Team.

Special mention goes to Erin for trying to improve her shooting in a match situation.

Player of the match goes to Rebecca for her concentration in defence and working hard to improve her marking.

Mrs S. Frisby