Pre-Prep Christmas Outing

In the morning we went to the Lighthouse Theatre to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  During the interval the children had an ice-cream which was yummy.


The children enjoyed  interacting with the characters on stage.   ‘Oh no we didn’t, oh yes we did’!


After lunch the children had great fun at Kids Play driving bumper cars, trampolining, shooting down the enormous slides and diving into the ball pit.


What we have covered so far in Reception

Reception have had a busy start to the year.  We have learnt about our bodies and our senses.

We used our eyes and ears during a walk around the school grounds to learn about the signs of Autumn.  To bring our walk to an end we used our sense of taste to enjoy a hot chocolate and finished off with a biscuit.


To conclude our topic on Autumn the children used their culinary skills to make individual apple crumbles using the fallen apples that we had collected on our walk.



We enjoyed a Bear Hunt at Attenborough Arboretum where we acted out the story and took part in various literacy and craft based activities.


After the half term break we learnt about the festivals of light.  We started with celebrating Diwali where we created Mendi patterns on hand templates, made diva lamps, created chalk Rangoli patterns outside and sampled some Indian foods which the children enjoyed immensely.


During the build up to bonfire night the children  made cylinder and cone rockets, rolled marbles across black paper to create a firework effect and created a collage bonfire.


Finally the children followed instructions to make a chocolate coated apple on a stick to enjoy on bonfire night.


We are very proud of our reception children for putting on a Beeautiful class assembly about Bees.

They looked fantastic in their costumes and delivered their lines clearly and confidently.  Everyone recited a Bee poem enthusiastically and gave a super performance of The Greedy Bee which was very entertaining to watch.

After our assembly the children made yummy honey biscuits which were delicious and wrote the story of the Greedy Bee in their own words.  What busy bees they have been!!!!!!