Reception’s end to the Spring Term.

What a busy spring term we had! We concluded out topic about ‘People who help us’ with a trip to Wigston Fire Station and a visit from Aaron’s mum who talked to us about her role as a dentist.

During our trip to Wigston Fire Station we saw some trainee firefighters climbing very tall ladders, looked around the station, sat in a fire engine, watched a short film about the dangers of matches and covered our ears when the siren sounded as the firefighters were called out on a shout.

Finally we cheered Mrs Balchin on as she raced against one of the firefighters to put on the protective outfit which was extremely heavy and resulted in Firefighter Mrs Balchin coming a respectable second.



Once back at school the children acted out various fire service rescue scenarios. This entailed working as a team to put out fires and the rescue of a very athletic dog which somehow had managed to get stuck in a tree.



We were very lucky to have Aaron’s mum come in to talk to us about her role as a dentist. She also talked about how the children play a very important part in looking after their teeth and encouraged the children to sort various foods into healthy and non-healthy groups.


The children then took turns to play the role of a dentist checking each other’s teeth which they took to very enthusiastically. All the children were given a goody bag which contained a tooth brush and a plaque disclosing tablet to take home with them.


We finished the term with a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny who was spotted by Mrs Stretton hoping around in the school grounds. Basket in hand we made a bee line for the woods and started our search. We found lots of eggs which were shared out between the class.