his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

I took a ‘Macbeth’ rehearsal this week.  Of the fifteen eleven year olds, two were absent, two had sprained ankles and Banquo had a nose bleed…it was a challenge.  But I like a challenge.  Earlier in the week Miss L Crampton spoke to our older pupils about the ‘challenges of engineering’.  Miss Crampton told the pupils that as a teenager she had won the Arkwright Scholarship and was later sponsored to do a mechanical engineering course at University.  Girls take note.  Miss Crampton said that, “engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to solve problems in the real world”.  The challenges Miss Crampton had to face were varied- from the construction of bridges to the creation of pyramid tea bags.  Madame Hosie will be setting a design challenge for our older pupils- I hope a large number will take up this challenge.

From cars to bridges to tea bags…we need engineers.  Male and female.

There are many challenges in life.  We want Stoneygate pupils to be prepared for them.  Developing resilience – emotional, physical and mental- is crucial.  Mrs Fielding is currently planning an obstacle course for the field to make the cross-country course more challenging.  Mrs Angel is planning physical challenge day for our older pupils in the summer term- it’s tough walking to the top of a mountain- but our pupils can do it!

One of the highlights of my week was watching the ‘Piano, Strings and Ukulele’ concert.  Amidst all the wonderful talent, our ukulele group attempted ‘the Mexican Hat Dance’.  Their first attempt at this rather tricky piece did not go to plan- it’s a challenging, difficult piece of music.  Did they give up? No. Mr James stopped the players, gave some words of encouragement and they began again.  A successful challenge completed…cue audience applause.

Tomorrow morning some of our younger pupils will face a physical and mental challenge with the Easter Egg hunt.  We are hoping to surprise some of our younger pupils with how far they can actually walk (especially if they are thinking about something else i.e. chocolate!).  Do join us at any time between 10.00-1.00pm tomorrow…well-behaved dogs are also welcome.

“You should never view your challenges as a disadvantage. Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience, facing and overcoming adversity, is actually one of your biggest advantages.”


Michelle Obama

Enjoy the weekend; hopefully I will see many of you tomorrow…


Mr J F Dobson