Taster Sessions in Year 3

Year 3 are currently progressing through their course of taster sessions in fife/flute, clarinet and brass. They experience 4 weeks in each group and and the end of the 12 weeks  I will give feedback to parents.

Our main aim of these taster sessions is to increase uptake in individual lessons in orchestral instruments. We have a lovely orchestra at Stoneygate and we regularly have new members joining. There is no official grade that the pupils have to get to to join Orchestra, but we need to make sure that the pupil will be ready to follow the sheet music and feel confident. It can be rather lonely to be ‘lost’ in Orchestra and we always want to make sure that this happens as little as possible.

All the orchestra music is arranged specifically for the musicians that we have at any one moment. It takes a lot of time, but means that all parts should work for our players. It is an ensemble where all parts are important and players contribute equally. Our next performance will be in the Summer Sequence Concert in June.

Mrs Ashwin