Year 5 Science machines


Year 5 were given  a half term challenge to make a moving toy or machine using levers, pulleys or gears. They did really well! I was very impressed with the effort put in and every member of year 5 made something to contribute to the display. We had a whole range of toys from cardboard tractors to Lego pulleys, from a Leicester City well and a pooping dog!

Three winners in each class were awarded prizes of a crystal growing trees, rattle magnets and toy steam boats.

The winners in 5MH (above) were: 1st place Edward Dg with his amazing helicopter, 2nd  – Harry T with his multi levered hydraulic grabber , 3rd Lauren  with her spinning swings.

In  5LA (below) 1st place George with his gears and levers seesaw leg model. 2nd place Edward Dv with his sturdy windmill, 3rd Mia with her people eating crocodile paper model.




And here was the competition! Well done everyone!