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‘We always hope that the Michaelmas term will be a good one, and our hopes have again been realised.  We have had no epidemics, and no serious illness, for which we are profoundly thankful.  The sudden change of weather however, at the beginning of December brought several colds, and some of our number have been away for three or four days.  We know that many parties, dances and visits to the picture palaces and theatres have been arranged, and we hope that all the school will be as careful as possible…’

This does sound like one of my blogs; we’ve had a good term, the weather has suddenly got colder this week and we are planning various parties and trips to theatres.  The extract above however, was taken from the Michaelmas term report for Stoneygate school….1934.



The League Competition in 1934 showed the Tadpoles topping the table, with the Sea-Horses languishing at the bottom.  Having just checked the totals outside my office, the League Competition Michaelmas 2016 shows the Sea-Horses in the lead, with the Tadpoles trailing in fourth!

Well done to all who took part in the fixtures against Maidwell Hall, Stamford and Wellingborough this week.  In both hockey and rugby our pupils showed great determination and spirit in some evenly fought games.



Just like the Michaelmas term in 1934, we have many exciting things planned for the last two weeks of term: The infant Christmas Concert (7th & 8th December), a Santa Fun Run followed by coffee & mince pies (9th December), Theatre trip (13th December), Infant theatre trip (14th December) and a Carol service on the 15th December.  Parents and pupils from Stoneygate are also invited to the Christmas fayre at LGJS on December 10th.

Today we have been informed of road closures (due to tree felling) on the London Road early next week.  On Monday (5th) and Tuesday (6th) the road is likely to be closed from 9.00- 3.00 pm.  Below is the diversion route that will be in place.



I am very much looking forward to spending time with the pupils and parents of Stoneygate in this festive season; I’m also looking forward to our first Alumni event on the 7th December when I’m hoping to meet ex-Stoneygate pupils from the 1940s.  I wonder which League they were in….

Have a good weekend,

Mr J F Dobson