Year 8 sort their Happies from their Mitsibishis…

img_02291If our year 8s suddenly have  a new vocabulary over dinner this week it may be a result of our PSHE session on illegal drugs!

We had fun while hopefully conveying a serious message. We learned all about the main drugs which are out there, their effects and risks, and about some of the common street names you may encounter. Do you know your Dope from your Charlie, your Happies from your Shrooms? Would you know a Sulph if you saw one, and what’s that little square of paper with a smiley face on it. Well we know now!

We also did an activity involving eggs. Most were hard boiled but a few were raw. I challenged the students to pick an egg and break it over their head or, if they insisted, in their hands.

Bea nervously cracked an egg….it was hard. Then Kian nervously cracked an egg… too was hard. Finally it was Izzy’s turn. Guess what she had a nasty shock as the slimy egg covered her hands. Good job she didn’t do it over all that long hair. The point being we don’t always know what’s inside things and we may get a surprise.

Hopefully our year 8s got the message… DONT DO IT!!

Here we are in the middle of our learning…