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I asked some Year 5 pupils this week “Is there more sadness or more happiness in the world?”  The responses were interesting and varied.

With Y5MH the discussion turned to the assemblies this week which have been both serious and light-hearted.  As a school we need to discuss matters that are both present and historical; issues that might involve happiness and sadness.  The first assembly concentrated on events from Syria, in a week when the world was shocked by the tweets sent by a 7 year old girl caught up in this awful war.  

In the other assembly this week we looked at St Francis of Assisi (October 4th marked his Saint day) and had a staff v pupils dog quiz!  Our assemblies are both light-hearted and serious…

Thank you to all parents and pupils who attended ‘Open Morning’ on Saturday, the ‘Open Rehearsal for senior choir’ on Tuesday and the Pre-Prep Harvest festival today.  I was really impressed with the effort and singing on Tuesday evening and the acting and the delivery of lines from our younger pupils during their special assembly.


Senior choir rehearsal..


Y2 pupils during a special Harvest service..

Stars of the week:


Year 4-Dhruv – Karate award

Year 2 – Odera

Year 1-Gursharn

Reception- Krish


Wishing you a happy weekend,

Mr J F Dobson