his-master-voiceHeadmaster’s Voice

Welcome back.  I hope all of us in the Stoneygate community- pupils, staff and parents- enjoyed the break. On Thursday I spoke to the pupils about the summer and my hopes for the new academic year.  I reflected on the Rio games- especially the thrills of the women’s hockey and the rowing.  I also highlighted Mo Farrah.  A truly inspirational athlete, who despite falling in the finals, managed to pick himself up and go on to win the Olympic gold.  I gave a brief English lesson too.  I do not like the simile comparing pupils to sponges.  Yes sponges soak up the water…but they also drain it.  I prefer comparing our pupils to a seed.  They are fed, they are watered, they are nourished, they are protected, they grow and blossom.  Let’s hope my gardening skills match the rhetoric!

There has been much activity and change at school.  We’ve improved security with new gates and newly painted road markings.  We’ve had plumbers, electricians, painters and decorators all working hard to improve the fabric of our school.  There has been much work done in the IT room- with our first interactive whiteboard installed and improved cabling.  Our new library is beginning to take shape and our new catering team is proving very popular with both pupils and staff.


As a school we take very seriously the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet is a crucial feature in this.  I have been delighted with the way all our pupils are enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables…long may this continue!


On the subject of health- well done to all those girls who took part in the Oakham training on Friday afternoon.

Looking forward to the term ahead,

Mr J F Dobson