Junior Choir and Pre-Prep Choir Concerts

We have recently had two fantastic concerts from the Junior and Pre-Prep Choirs.

The Junior Choir Concert was on Friday 20th May and there was a wonderful turn out from family and friends. They sang a mixed programme and demonstrated ability to sing in unison, in parts, in canon and a capella. It was genuinely a pleasure to conduct and accompany this concert as the children are so giving in their singing. They remembered various details of dynamics and shaping and really worked hard on their diction.

002     choir

The Pre-Prep Choir Concert was on Tuesday 24th May and again we had a super audience. The children were very excited about sharing what they had learned. We had a good number of action songs and these always raise a smile! The children have been working on healthy singing technique and  contrasts in moods. The Teddy Bear Rock ‘n’ Roll was a good example of having to sing sounding ‘sad’, ‘tired’ and ‘cross’. This choir are also fun to work with as they are extremely responsive to feedback and always want to do their best.

Well done to both choirs for delightful performances!

Mrs Ashwin