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Harris quoted Churchill in the opening line of Year 5’s assembly this week: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others..”  and I’m sure our Prime Minster would have agreed with him 24 hours later.

Things often don’t go as they are planned; but we must be resilient.

Year 5’s assembly did not get off to a great start due to technical reasons.  They coped remarkably well- describing the role of Ancient Greece in democracy and Leicester’s Simon De Montfort’s role in British democracy.  In our mock election the ‘Remain party’ were victorious!



The undecided voters at Stoneygate…

I was delighted to see Y7 & 8 pupils back in school on Friday following their French trip.  Again, things did not go exactly to plan- on their way out they were delayed at the Eurotunnel and some interesting motorway decisions meant they were 3 hours late on arrival..but as earlier blogs have shown, they had a wonderful time there.

Last week we had to cancel our Sports days due to poor weather.  We changed our plans and had two thrilling sports days this week.  Thank you Mrs Cave for organising these events – I’m sure you’ll agree the pupils really enjoyed themselves…and there was a surprise in the dad’s tug o’ war- with the hot favourites Y3 dads being defeated by the Y4 dads!




It’s been a week of surprises.  I can only hope our politicians show the same degree of resilience that Stoneygate pupils show.

The Stars of the Week:

Clara & Gursham (Reception)

Josh (Year 1)

Marcus –for his work on Greek Myths (Year 2)

Arush- for representing Leicestershire U10s at cricket

Y7 & 8 for some impressive German work.

Mr Dobson