Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 Athletics

On Monday 13 June Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in the South Leicester Primary Area Sports Competition 2016.

There were some fantastic individual results, supported by a brilliant team spirit! Well done to all of the squad!

Overall Team Position: Second

The Squad
50m – Olivia                             50m – Jacob
Howler – Poppy                        Howler – Oliver
400m – Lyla                               400m – Henry J

50m – Alice                                50m – Henry V
Howler – Mia                             Howler – Harry T
400m – Tabitha                        400m – George

75m – Millie P                             Long Jump – Freddie
Howler – Amy                            75m – Harris
Long Jump –  Johanna              Howler – William
600m – Evie                               600m – Dylan

75m – Liana                              75m – William
Howler – Tallulah                    Howler – Max
Long Jump – Milly B                Long Jump – Daniel
600m – Millie P                         600m – George

Best Results

Alice (2nd) and Oliva (3rd) in the sprint final

Henry V (2nd) in the sprint final.

Lyla (1st) 400m Final.

Evie (1st) 600m Final.

Poppy, Olivia, Tabitha and Alice (3rd) Relay Final

Henry, Henry, Harry and Jacob (1st) Relay Final.

Millie, Liana, Millie, Milly and Evie (2nd) Relay Final

Harris, Will, George, Daniel and Max (6th) Relay Final

Howler (3rd) Amy

Howler (3rd) Harry T

Howler (2nd) Tallulah

Howler (2nd) Max