U12/11/10 Rounders v Wellingborough

On Wednesday 8th June the U10,U11 and U12 played away at Wellingborough . We lost the toss.and Wellingborough chose to field first. In our first innings we got five rounders and now it was our turn to field. Stoneygate were very tight in this innings. We had two catches from Millie P at backstop  and one catch from Polly M as inner. The score after the first innings was fairly close (5 – 3 1/2 in favour of Stoneygate).
The second innings started with amazing hitting from Stoneygate. We scored nine in the innings! Wellingborough  were next to bat and we had two more catches from Millie P and one from Bea R (bowler). The end of the innings came and the final score was Stoneygate 14 – Wellingborough 7 1/2.

Wellingborough chose a fielder of the match – Millie P and batter of the match – Izzy C. 

Player of the match had to go to Millie P and special mention to Polly M and Bea R.  Well done to the whole team!

Report by Izzy C (Capt.)