This week in Year 1

Well done to Pre-Prep who performed some superb songs during their concert on Tuesday.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Ashwin.

It has been an EGG-cellent week, as we have been looking at the life cycle of a hen. We have studied closely a real hen’s egg, naming the different parts.

 Q. Do you know what the chalaza is?


A. The stringy part that holds the yolk in place.

The most EGG-citing news to share is…. that Year 1 are incubating their own hen eggs.

Mrs Sillett’s daughter has kindly lent us some of  her hen’s eggs in the hope that we will be able to hatch out chicks… is a 21 day process so watch this space!!

Finally as a part of our English lessons on adjectives we had to describe certain sweets through 4 of our 5 senses. Our favourite part was definitely the tasting part, however lots of us described the Black Jack as yucky,disgusting and horrible.Can you guess who had tried them in the pictures above?