U11/10 Boys & Girls Tennis v Stamford Junior School

On Monday 23rd May Stoneygate’s young tennis players went over to Stamford for a tennis fixture. Given the forecast was rain, I was fully expecting another fixture to be cut short due to bad weather! This was not the case today. The sun shone and everyone played in shirt sleeves and warm weather!

We played 3 pairs of boys and 3 pairs of girls. Each pair played all 3 Stamford pairs for 15 minutes each. There were team debuts for our 3rd pair of boys and girls (namely George A, Declan M, Amy W and Evie S). These players all did themselves justice but I must make a special mention of Amy and Evie who played extremely sensible steady tennis, keeping the ball in the court and recording a win against the Stamford 2nd pair.

Our 1st pair of boys won all their matches and our 1st girls pair didn’t lose a match (winning one and drawing two) of their matches.

The full results were as follows:


1st Pair – Max W & George H. W3-1. W4-0, W3-2

2nd Pair – Max H & Will M      W5-1, L1-3, W3-2

3rd Pair – George A & Declan M L1-3, D3-3, L0-5


1st Pair – Bea R & Milly B        D3-3, W4-2, D2-2

2nd Pair – Milly P & Joanna W7-0, L2-6, W6-2

3rd Pair – Amy W & Evie S    L1-4, W3-2, L0-7

Overall result: Stoneygate won 9 -6

Well done to all the Stoneygate players. Superb results. Thank you also to all the parents for their invaluable support.

Mrs. Abbott