U13A Rounders scores so far!

Stoneygate v Witham Hall – won 25 -19

Stoneygate v Bilton Grange – won 10 1/2 – 6

Stoneygate v Wellingborough won 24 1/2 – 19

Stoneygate v Maidwell Hall – won 10 – 7 1/2

Stoneygate v Maidwell (played 11th May)

On Wednesday, the U13 A team played away against Maidwell Hall. We won the toss and started off fielding. They batted well and had a few players that could hit the ball a very long way. Overall, we fielded very well and stopped some of the big hits from scoring a rounder with some great throws to fourth by Cesca and Izzy. Gina played really well as inner and stopped the crucial half rounders. Pippa and Ellie also caught two people out. Becca worked well behind first but unfortunately didn’t have that much to do. However, she did stop one rounder with a really long throw to fourth. Molly and Bea also played well and Molly did some great throws to Gina. When our time to bat came, we hit the ball well with some amazing hits; especially from Cesca on the last ball. We also watched the ball well and scored rounders and half rounders off good running. Unfortunately, Molly got caught out on her first ball and we missed her huge hits! We started the next innings and, after about a minute, it started to pour with rain! It was too bad to carry on and the final score was 10-7.5 to Stoneygate. Even though we didn’t quite finish the match,we were on course to win and the whole team played very well. The team was: Gracie, Molly, Bea, Becca, Izzy, Gina, Cesca, Pippa, Ellie and Antonia.
Player of the match:Pippa
Special mention:Elli

Report written by Gracie F (Capt.)