Colts Soccer v Leicester Grammar

Colts (A) Vs Leicester Grammar School Wednesday 23rd March (Away)


LGS’s strong start caught Stoneygate on the back-foot. They immediately pushed forward and, even though Kian put in a number of great saves, after only 5 minutes in they were 2 – 0 up. This seemed to put Stoneygate Colts off their normal game and they stood back off tackles giving LGS yet more opportunities to score. They took every chance to increase their lead and with an exceptional shot from the side-line over Kian’s head they went to 3 – 0. Dylan G blocked 2 goal bound shots and the whole team seemed to have to defend with George H, Harris A, Max W and Will Mc deep in their own half only leaving Will M up front alone. The first half finished with Stoneygate 5 – 0 down.


After a half time talk Stoneygate came out fighting and had a number of shots on the LGS goal only their goalie seemed unbeatable. An unfortunate mistake at the back and LGS intercepted the ball to put another away. More positive play meant that at last LGS could not play the same game. A throw in from Harris was converted into a goal by Max W. Then as the whole team began to push up, Will Mc was fouled outside the opponents area and Max W took the free kick. With the Champagne Moment it went straight into the top corner. Kian pulled out a final great save to finish the match.


Although the final score was 6 – 2 to LGS, it was truly a game of 2 halves. Stoneygate scored 2 to LGS’s 1 goal in the second half. A most entertaining match to finish the season. Man of the Match was well earned by Kian.


The Team Goals


Max W (Capt) 2                               

George H                               

Will Mc 

Will M                                                            

Harris A

Dylan G                                                                   

Kian (Goalie)

Colts B contested an amazing match. We led 2-0, L.Gram then led 2-3 and 3-4.  After half time we equalised 4-4. 

At this point no-one had any idea who would win, as the teams were so evenly matched.

So the final score of 4-10 took everyone by surprise! Stoneygate had lots of chances and couldn’t convert, but L.Gram played really well and scored some super goals, including one Messi-like chip of our goalie, Will.

The score was shock, but it was hard to be too disappointed, because it was a thrilling match and all the boys played really well.