Keyboard, Drums and Guitar Concert

On Tuesday 1st March, we were treated to a lovely concert from some of our keyboard players, drummers and guitarists. All the performers were very well prepared and clearly enjoyed playing their chosen piece. It was particularly nice to see the Year 3 Keyboard Club playing together and the Senior Guitar Group.

These instrumental concerts that take place throughout the year are very important in our development of musicians. It is a real privilege to watch these boys and girls extend their dexterity and musicianship year upon year and a delight to see how far they have come on since the previous year. It is also wonderful to see the pride that they have in their performance and a few smiles from children to parents showed how much performing in front of family means to them. Thank you to the audience for coming along and supporting everyone. Thank you also to Mr James, Mr Hartland and Mr Hudson for preparing the children and the equipment for the concert.

Mrs Ashwin