French Day 8th March

Vive La France School French Day Tuesday 8th March


Excitement is growing for this year’s French Day, taking place at school on Tuesday 8th March.


The purpose of the day is to enthuse the children about the language and culture of France and to help them to see the value of French outside the classroom.


We have an exciting programme of events planned throughout the day, with French-related lessons and activities for all parts of the school from the Nursery to Year 8.


After a French-themed Assembly, each class will perform a short item in French, and parents are warmly welcome to come to assembly and stay on for the performances if they wish. You may have heard your child practising his/her lines in French, or singing a song – why not come along and see what they have been up to in French lessons this term?  We anticipate the performances will finish at approximately 10.15 – 10.30 am.


Morning lessons at school will feature a number of French-related cross-curricular activities – for example maths lessons involving use of the Euro, and science lessons about Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie. During the afternoon, Years 5-8 will be watching a classic French children’s film, Tintin, (with English subtitles).


The SSA has this year very kindly offered to provide complimentary hot chocolate for the children during their morning break, and we are most grateful to them for their active involvement in the day.


All the children will also enjoy a special, typically-French lunch and afternoon tea, with the menu prepared in French.


From 8.00am onwards, Monsieur Crêpe will be at school, located just outside the entrance to the main foyer, selling freshly-made French crêpes with a variety of fillings.  The crêpes will cost approximately £2 – £3.50, and each class will have the opportunity to visit Monsieur Crêpe to make a purchase during the school day.  Parents are therefore asked to send a small amount of money to school with their child, to enable them to try one of these delicious French specialities.




Parents are also most welcome to call into school at any time during the day to sample a crêpe – a chocolate and banana crêpe for breakfast, perhaps?


Finally, French Day at Stoneygate is a non-uniform day, and ALL children (and staff) are encouraged to dress in a French style of their choice.  Prizes will be awarded for the best outfits.