U13A Netball Match Reports

On Wednesday 24th February 2016 the U13 A netball team played away against Twycross. The score was 32:3 to Stoneygate. Special mention goes to Eloise Murray for some lovely interceptions, always making herself an option to pass to and great defending overall. Player of the match goes to Izzy Christopher (nominated by the other team) for her fantastic accurate goals and always moving into space. Stoneygate worked very well as a team bringing the ball up the court. We communicated well and there was always someone in a space for the other player to pass to. Twycross weren’t as strong as our team and we had the ball in our goal third for most of the match. When Twycross managed to get the ball to their goal third our strong defenders stuck with their players and intercepted their passes. Our two shooters Gracie and Izzy worked well together in the D and scored many great goals. Unfortunately Antonia was feeling ill this match and wasn’t able to play for our team, however she played extremely well for the B team as GD. Well done Antonia.
The team was Izzy Christopher, Gracie Fraser, Pippa Neal, Ellie Benson, Jazzy, Eloise Murray and Molly Johnson (c).

On Wednesday 2nd March 2016 the U13 A netball team played away against Witham. The score was 12-3 to Witham. Despite the final score it was quite a close game overall. Special mention goes to Ellie Benson for her lovely, accurate passing and driving well onto the ball. Player of the match goes to Molly (nominated by the other team). In the first quarter it was a very close game. Stoneygate had possession of the ball for most of that quarter but then unfortunately in the last few seconds Witham scored. The second quarter however was much different. Witham were like a completely different team. They came onto the pitch determined and strong. They passed well and managed to score quite a few goals in that quarter. Stoneygate marked well but our passes weren’t always accurate and we didn’t move into the space as much as we should have. In the third quarter we put up a fight and managed to score our first goal. We drove more for the ball and our passes were more accurate. We managed to intercept the ball quite a few times and Witham only scored 4 goals in that quarter. The last quarter was our best quarter. We scored two goals in this quarter. Our overall game play was very good and we worked well as a team passing the ball up the court. We marked well and were much better at keeping Witham from getting the ball into the D. We were in front of our player more as well and we had a lot more interceptions. Although we lost we played very well. Well done to the whole team. The team was Gracie, Antonia, Pippa, Ellie, Jazzy, Izzy and Molly (c).

Written by Molly (Capt.)