Colts C & D V Witham Hall

On Wednesday 24th February Stoneygate Colts C and D teams played against Witham Hall in two 7-a-side away matches on grass.

Colts C

The C team consisted of; Lucas (GK), George C, Edward N, Harry H, James, Max H and George A.

Stoneygate C team played with improved energy and determination in this fixture. The teams desire to win possession and limit the oppositions time on the ball, significantly improved their overall performance.

The game was closely contested throughout as the score suggests. George and Edward were ruthless in defense, limiting Witham to only a few shots at goal, whilst Stoneygate were unlucky not to sneak a victory at the end when Harry H hit the post.

Final Score: Witham Hall  C 0-0 Stoneygate C

Man of Match: Edward N

Champagne Moment: George A

Colts D

The D team consisted of Arush (GK), Declan, Edward B, Henry P, Harry L, George U, Atticus and Sebastian.

The Colts D team performance was a fantastic display of Stoneygate spirit and team work. The team consisted of four U9’s, two U10’s and two U11’s all playing together for the first time.

It was enjoyable to watch the different age groups working so well together in a single colts match. Arush made some fantastic saves; Edward N and Declan were strong in defense; Henry, Harry, Sebastian and George linked up skillfully in midfield and Atticus enjoyed his best overall performance of the entire season.

Man of the Match: George U

Champagne Moment: Henry P

Final Score: Witham Hall D 0-1 Stoneygate D (Henry P)