Recorders Refreshed!

On Monday morning, a keen group of parents joined me for Recorder Refresher – a session aimed to improve confidence amongst parents. The thinking is that if we want parents to be able to help their children with their music practice, the parents need to be empowered with the knowledge and skills to be able to do this.

We went through the basics of music reading and then learned all the pieces in our Recorder Karate programme. That’s right – they got to black belt!!

Whilst the parents were working hard, Mr Ashwin was busy working with the children. They did music and movement activities and clearly had a lot of fun!

At the end of the session, parents and children came together for a little concert. The children sang ‘Bill Groggins’ Goat’ and the parents performed three of the recorder pieces (including the black belt piece). Mr Ashwin and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Watch out for the next session for parents … if you have any suggestions as to what you need in order to help your children, please let me know – ‘Brass Beginners’, ‘Guitar Groupies’, ‘Piano Perfectionists’ …

Mrs Ashwin