Maths Challenge

On Tuesday twelve of our top mathematicians from Year 7 and 8 travelled to Grace Dieu to take part in a Maths Challenge.

The children were: Antonia, Freya, Molly, Ellie, Georgina, Gracie, Oli and Patrick from Year 8 and Sidd, Hugo, Tom and Karan from Year 7.

They took part in four rounds of challenges.

Firstly, a GROUP round where they worked as a team of four to tackle puzzles.

Secondly, a CROSSNUMBER puzzle (like a crossword, but with number answers). This was made harder because one pair had the across clues and one pair the down clues.

After lunch, they faced the SHUTTLE round. Pair One answered a question, but their answer had to be correct because they passed that answer to Pair Two to allow them to answer question two and so on.

The final round was a RELAY. The pairs sat at opposite ends of the Hall, answering alternate questions.

The time flew by and the children and staff found it interesting and fun. Many thanks go to the Grace Dieu staff who organised the day so well. We plan to make this an annual challenge, between the two schools and Stoneygate will host the event next year.

DP (Head of Maths)