U13 Boys squash v Stamford

I took a team of 8 boys to Stamford on Monday 2nd November to play squash against their U13 boys. They were pretty strong but proved to be excellent opposition for us. Our boys all played at least 2 matches and some even played 4! Many of the matches went to the final game and several of these were decided on the last point (ie finishing 11-10 in the final game). Stamfords top two players were sgnificantly stronger but both Max and Fin battled hard before finally going down.

The results are as follows: (First round of matches shown)

1. Max W. Lost 0-2
2. Fin F. Lost 0-2
3. Oliver M Won. 2-0
4. Spike M. Lost 1-2
5. Patrick B. Won. 2-0
6. Jake C. Won 2-1
7. Henry H. Won 2-1
8. Henry B. Won. 2-1

Final overall score: Stoneygate won 5-3

Special mention goes to Oliver (Capt.), Patrick and Jake who won all of their matches.

C. Abbott