Senior Choir Open Rehearsal


This afternoon saw Senior Choir’s first public event of the new year. We put on an Open Rehearsal for parents and wider family/supporters. It took the form of a regular rehearsal and gave the parents an opportunity to see how we rehearse and reach the standard that they normally only see in concerts and other such performances.

We started, as we always do, with a warm-up, today led by Mr Ashwin. The first section was a fun concentration exercise (an important skill in choral singing) and we then moved onto exercises which focus on tone and range. We finished the warm-up with a Senior Choir favourite, Bella Mama.

Our main focus of this half-term is Hip-Hip Horatio by Michael Hurd. It is a ‘mock oratorio’ and tells the story of Lord Nelson. We will be performing this on Thursday 19th November in Uppingham School Chapel. Senior Choir are working hard on developing delivery of the text (there is a lot of story to put across) and we are improving our communication with the audience. In the four weeks since we began rehearsing, we have learned a huge amount of Hip Hip Horatio. Using the musical notation in the scores has been a big step forward for lots of singers, but they are managing to follow the printed music very well and it has really improved the speed at which we can learn the music.

The Open Rehearsal finished with Sailing, made famous by Rod Stewart in 1975. It was only fair to give the parents a chance to join in, so they sang the final verse with us in 2-part canon. I have to say, the combination of the children and their family members singing together was very beautiful!

Many thanks to all who came and well done to the children for their excellent work tonight.

Mrs Ashwin